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2018 Retinue Chosen By St Mary’s Primary

2018 Retinue Chosen By St Mary’s Primary

Queen Elect                   Chief Lady in Waiting             Queens Champion
Zoe Carlin                       Courtney Easton                        Jayden Johnston


2018 Bo’ness Children’s Fair Retinue

Queen Elect – Zoe Carlin
Chief Lady in Waiting – Courtney Easton

Ladies in Waiting
Kiana Sneddon, Emily Baird, Grace Macdonald, Isla Lindsay, Lilli Simpson, Sarah McKillop, Eden Johnston, Emillie Moodie

Maids of Honour
Ella Burns, Taylor Kidd, Rhea Kilgallon, Daisy Salkeld, Hannah Orr, Alix McGee, Keira Donaghy, Cerys Johnston

Queen of the Fairies – Harriet Tribble
Queen of the Flower Girls – Chloe MacIntosh
Queen’s Champion – Jayden Johnston
Lords in Waiting – Mikey McQueenie, Kyle Lewis
Queens Heralds – Harry Catleugh, Lewis Stokes
Yeomen of the Guard – Logan Rose, Noah, Bleteau
Crown Bearer – Joel Sneddon
Sceptre Bearer – Andrew Cameron
Sword Bearer – Evan Clark
Queens Pages – Keir Sneddon, Bryce Lindsay
Guard of Honour
James Shearer, Rory Macdonald, Joshua Collins, Lucas McBride, Robbie Gibb Grant, Connor McMinn, Ashton Lewis, Cameron Patterson


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