During this uncertain time, we are hoping to keep as many parts of The Fair as exciting as in previous years.  We are at present organising the 2020 Bo’ness Fair Programme.  If you would like to take out a sponsor page/message or an advert, please let me know as soon as possible.

The cost of the 2020 programme is as follows:-

 Page Sponsor/Message                                        £25

For example:
Happy Fair Day to Anna Brown, Lady in Waiting, Kinneil School from Mum and Dad

Anyone can send a Fair Day message – you can just say Happy Fair Day From [your name] or Everyone at [your address]

We also have space for adverts: Quarter (£35), Half (£55) or Full Page (£90) adverts – please email me for details.  Contact: jhulett@hotmail.co.uk


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