Dear Bo’nessians far and near, the 22nd – 28th April will be our appeals week and a small envelope will drop through your door. When a collector comes to collect it ask for the ID

Appeals week this year will take place from Sunday 22nd – Saturday 28th April. We require collectors in the following areas….

Acre View, Wheatfield Road
Corbiehall, Thompson Place, Avon Place
Deanfield Crescent (bottom), Deanfield Drive
Deanfield Terrace (top)
Baptie Place
Craigallan Park, Academy Road, School View

The Town Centre has not been covered for a number of years, we are looking for a couple of volunteers who may be willing to do this.

If you can spare an hour or two during this week and could do any of the mentioned areas, please comment below or message the page and someone will be in touch with details.

There is also an appeal out this year for old, broken or unwanted gold and silver. Each year on behalf of the townspeople of Bo’ness, the Queen, Chief Lady, Champion and pageboys are given jewellery to commemorate their special fair. This jewellery is made from old jewellery donated by Bo’nessians. Unfortunately our stocks are running extremely low and we once again have to appeal for old, broken or unwanted items. A small bag will be attached to the back of the appeals envelope should you wish to donate. Thank you in advance for your support from the Fundraising Committee.


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