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Beatsons £5K Charity Giveaway

Beatsons £5K Charity Giveaway

Please can you all visit

Beatsons Building Supplies

And vote for Bo’ness Children’s Fair Festival in their £5000 charity giveaway. Thanks, please share.

Beatsons £5K Charity Giveaway 

In order to be able to vote on our Beatsons £5K Charity Giveaway poll make sure you have followed the below steps:
-like the Beatsons Building Supplies page and followed the Beatsons £5K Charity Giveaway Group.
-Click on your chosen Charity/Community group that you wish to vote for.
Please ensure that before adding a new Charity/Community it isn’t already on the poll, as any duplicates will be deleted.
Unfortunately, Facebook seems to only show the first 100 nominations on the mobile app, to see the full list of Charities/Community Groups you will have to view this on a desktop.
Thanks Everyone


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