To All Bo’nessians

Wherever you are in the world

We all know Christmas Day is the most important day for children but we also know that the children of Bo’ness and many of the adults, the next most important is the Fair Day.

To that end I’m happy to inform everyone that the plans are already well in hand for the 28th June 2019, both with the Executive Committee and Deanburn School.  Whose pupils will elect the Next Bo’ness Fair Queen.

This year Zoe Carlin from St Mary’s Primary was elected our 110th Queen to follow Andrea Robertson from Bo’ness Public School and both Queens carried out their duties to perfection.  It only goes to show, we adults might not always get it right when we elect representatives but if we take Zoe and Andrea as examples, the children do get it right.  Their parents and schools should rightly be proud of two pleasant, well mannered young ladies who have represented their schools and Bo’ness with self confidence and poise.  The 29th of June was a great day, and we could see the colourful St Mary’s Retinue.  Once again the presentees from all six primary schools put on superb musicals routines and all the schools should be congratulated, for the consistency high standard the children achieve.

As we reflect on 2018

So whether you will be involved as a character, parent of a character, building arches, decorating vehicles, making outfits, fundraising or just looking forward to going to “The Fair.”  I am confident that it will be terrific day and on behalf of the Bo’ness Fair Executive Committee may I extend our best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

And of course

A Happy Fair Day

Scott McBride


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