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Chairman Gives His Christmas Message

Chairman Gives His Christmas Message
To All Bo’nessians

Wherever you are in the world.

We all know Christmas Day is the most important day for children but we also know that for the children of Bo’ness and many of the adults, the next most important is the Fair Day when adults turn the clock back and relive their childhood.

This year Lily Harvey from Kinneil Primary was elected our 112th Queen to follow Kennedi Mann from Deanburn School and both Queens and Lily’s Retinue carried out their duties to perfection. It only goes to show, we adults might not always get it right when we elect representatives but if we take Lily, her Retinue, and Kennedi as examples, the children do get it right – their parents and schools should rightly be proud.

The 28th of August was a great day with Lily being crowned in the gardens of St Mary’s Church, right next to Kinneil School.

Unfortunately, our original date was at the end of June and would fall in line with the start of the school summer holidays. When Lily was elected nobody could have seen what was coming in the Coronavirus 19 pandemic which would cause havoc with schools being closed.

For the first time since the early 70’s Bo’ness Academy would send the main characters to represent their primary school and only the main retinue would be involved due to social distancing. But in the hands of Sanctus Media and Steedsy they made the day better with live broadcasting around the globe on the internet. Also the large marquee had all sides open and the sun was gleaming for Fiona Burns to crown Queen Lily. On behalf of the Bo’ness Fair Executive Committee may I extend our best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.
Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
And of course
A Happy Fair Day
Scott McBride


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