Chairman Sends A Fair Day Thank You

As Chairperson of the Bo’ness Fair, I would like to publicly acknowledge and offer thanks to the outstanding voluntary work of our School Fair Committees.

This is the second year that they have taken the lead role, supported by our own two Fair Liaison Officers, in producing the spectacle that is the ‘Fair Retinue’, and all the other characters for our ‘best day of the year’.

School Fair Committees are chosen for each school at their Cluster Parent Council meetings, supported by Ann Ritchie. The committees are made up of parents, sometimes school staff, and other members of their school communities. Their remit is wide and ranges from fundraising, choosing a ‘theme’ and outfit design for the retinue, securing and managing dressmaking arrangements, and managing finances and parental payments for outfits.

Other duties include the choosing of other characters and Presentee ‘themes’ and dance instructors, meeting up with and agreeing on decisions with parents, offering ongoing and frequent email communication, and liaising with the HT of each school.

Dealing with complaints and concerns is also a feature of the role. There is a monthly timeline of tasks and activities that the school communities work through and this starts each year in August for the ‘Queen’s School’, sometimes even before then.

Many of these parents are already actively involved in supporting the education of the children in their schools as well as holding down full-time jobs and supporting the needs of their own school age children and families. This additional responsibility is a considerable commitment, especially so when the school has the Fair Retinue. It is fair to say, that without this ongoing level of support from our school communities, there simply would no longer be the incredible spectacle we look forward to each year, and the excitement for our children as they make memories that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Many thanks.

Frank McGarry

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