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Bo’ness Children’s Fair Festival 2022

Date for your Diary

The Bo’ness Fair Committee have pencilled in Friday 24th of June for a full Fair Day as we remember it prior to COVID -19.

It is recorded in 1910 that the Fair Committee declared that they would always have the cost of one Fair in the bank account, and to this day we have upheld this pledge. However, due to Government restrictions to keep us all safe from this deadly virus, the lack of funding sources and fundraising for the Fair, we are asking the people of Bo’ness for your assistance. Our biggest push for funding this year is from Falkirk Council and the smaller fundraisings will be our popular Bingo Night [DTBA]and the Appeals week in April. Hopefully we will be able to hold more of our annual events. [Watch this space]

Falkirk Council have changed their grant system [ which we were thankful for each year] and created the Community Choices programme. This means that the community decides how public money is spent. This money is divided over the 9 Wards of Falkirk District. [Ward 1 is Bo’ness and Blackness]. This means that the Bo’ness and Blackness community vote for Ward 1 Charities and activities.

Bo’ness Fair has applied to the Community Choices fund for the sum of £46,213 this is half of what a full Fair Day costs. You may ask “why did we not ask for the full amount”. The reason is that we know that other worthwhile groups are also asking for your vote, and we want the ‘pot’ of money to be distributed throughout Bo’ness.

Voting for the Community Choices opens on the 26th January – 14th February.

v Voting is online Falkirk Council website

v We have asked for paper copies to be sent to Bo’ness library.

v Every person over 16 years of age has 3 votes.

v If you have a family member or neighbour who doesn’t have a mobile devise you can vote for them as the voting is your Postcode not your email address.

We do not know if we have past the criteria yet for the voting stage. Please use your 3 votes to help all the Bo’ness groups who will be successful.


Thanks in advance for your support

Scott McBride



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