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First Look At Most Of Your 2021 Retinue

First Look At Most Of Your 2021 Retinue

Queen Elect - Ellie Van Der Hoek
Queen of the Fairies - Jane NicholsonChief Lady In Waiting - Jenna PurdieQueen of the Flower Girls - Evie Lapsley
Chief Lord in Waiting - Evan GilbertQueen's Champion - Fraser GemmellLord in Waiting - Alfie MacLachlan
Queen's Chief Herald - Jason BoyneReigning Queen - Lily HarveyQueen's Herald - Ben Murdoch
Crown Bearer - Richie KinniburghSceptre Bearer - Steven LawlorSword Bearer - Riley McCallum
Yeoman of the Guard - Max Henderson & Rory MacLennanQueen's Pages - Ruaridh Webster, Jamie RodgersYeoman of the Guard - Rory MacLennan
Lady in Waiting - Ebony JacksonLady in Waiting - Millie-Jo CramLady in Waiting - Willow Murtagh
Lady in Waiting - Bella Gemmell
Maid of Honour (Bower Girls) -Imogen CarrMaid of Honour (Bower Girls) - Brooke DonMaid of Honour - Darcey Earle
Maid of Honour - Samantha StewartMaid of Honour - Emma JohnstonMaid of Honour - Kaillie Van Der Hoek
Guard of Honour - Oscar Campbell


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