Merry Christmas From Queen Ellie

How fast these past 7 months have gone by since I was chosen as the Grange School Bo’ness Fair Queen on the 31st May, a day & time I will treasure & never forget.
I have been able to carry out some of my duties as Queen which I have thoroughly enjoyed, even through these difficult times.
Tomorrow will be Christmas & then we go into another New Year, our lives are still not normal but hopefully, 2022 will be much better. Maybe we’ll even have our usual Fair Day in June.
I end by wishing you, the people of Bo’ness (near and far) a very Merry Christmas & a Happy and Healthy New Year.
Look after each other & please stay safe. Thank you.
Love & Best Wishes,
Queen Ellie
Chairman’s Message

To All Bo’nessians
Wherever you are in the world.
We all know Christmas Day is the most important day for the children of Bo’ness and many of the adults, the next most important is the Fair Day when adults turn the clock back and relive their childhood.
This year Ellie Van Der Hoek from Grange Primary was elected our 113th Queen to follow Lily Harvey from Kinneil School both Queens and Ellie’s Retinue carried out their duties to perfection. It only goes to show, we adults might not always get it right when we elect representatives but if we take Ellie, her Retinue, and Lily as examples the children certainly do.
The 13th of August was a great day with Ellie being crowned in the gardens of St Mary’s Church, thank you to everyone from St Mary’s Church for your supporting our last 2 crowning ceremonies.
Unfortunately, this was the second year our Fair has been affected by the world pandemic but hopefully, current restrictions will be removed for all of us to have a fantastic 2022 Fair Day
Thank you to all the children, their parents, guardians and the people of Bo’ness for your continued support during these difficult times.
On behalf of the Bo’ness Fair Executive Committee may I extend our best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.
Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
And of course
A Happy Fair Day
Stay safe
Scott McBride

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