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Queen Lily Sends Her Christmas Message

Queen Lily Sends Her Christmas Message
I was selected Queen in January 2020, a time that now feels like a very distant memory. We are living in a very different world today.
I had never thought my dream of being crowned Queen of the Bo’ness fair would have played out the way in which it has. I did not imagine that I would be the first Queen to be crowned in August and not the traditional date in June. That I should be a pupil at the academy and not of primary school.
I am grateful to all who made the crowning possible and for those who gave their time, effort, gifts, and goodwill messages to make the crowning possible.
My public duties have been carried out in a very different way than the past Queens, with no crowds or fanfare but it has not stopped them from being a fun and enjoyable experience.
I look positively into the future and hope that our circumstances may change for the better.
Christmas 2020 is, no doubt, a very different Christmas than we are used to.
Our Hero’s- the Key workers, Doctors, and Nurses continue to work tirelessly in our fight against covid-19. I do not think as a nation we could ever express enough gratitude for the work they have done.
Despite the unusual and difficult circumstances, the people of Bo’ness have continued who care for one another.
We have supported our local schools, teams, and businesses. Looking out for our neighbours and those in need.
I am proud of our town’s children; they have shown resilience in a challenging time. Many have contributed to the effort of spreading joy and helping others. You are a credit to our town.
I thank you all for the hard work, good deeds, and commitment to one another. I am proud to serve Bo’ness through a challenging time.
I send you all wishes of health and happiness.
May this Christmas season fill our homes with joy and peace.
I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy 2021.
Queen Lily


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