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Santa & Snowman

Santa & Snowman
In what has been a terrible year we have had to make a few changes to Santa’s House this Christmas.
First the bad news. Due to the whole social distancing thing, we can’t have any reindeer this year. I’m really disappointed about this but Elf n Safety has got to take priority.
Now for the good news. You will remember that in previous years we have charged at the gate to raise funds for the BoNess Fair. This year it’s completely free.
Rather than cramming it into the 4 nights before Xmas and drawing crowds of people, we will run it from tonight until Xmas eve so that attendance is spread out.
Please be sensible and observe social distancing rules if you are at the gate.
Before Santa turns up closer to Christmas we’ve turned the room into an ice rink and let a snowman loose.

David Ness
Grahamsdyke Road


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