Sponsorship opportunities – Bo’ness Children’s Fair Festival are looking for sponsors for several events on the Fair Day.

In the Glebe Park for the Crowning Ceremony, opportunities for sponsors to advertise on the big screen that has been in use for the past couple of years and received fantastic responses are offered. The sponsorship requested would be £1000 for a single sponsorship with sole advertising although multiple sponsors would be welcomed for reduced amounts.

In the Douglas Park a sponsor will be able to display a sign across the front of the stage. It is expected the sponsor will supply the banner and it is expected for such an opportunity the sponsorship would be £1000.

There are also opportunities to sponsor the committee owned trailers in the procession with sponsors providing their own advertising sized at 1200 cm wide and 800 cm high. The committee are looking for £200 sponsorship per trailer with multi year opportunities possible for reduced sponsorships.

Please contact secretary@thefairday.com for further information.


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