Teenagers Add Young Blood To The Fair

Welcome to our newest Committee member:


Hi, I’m Rhys Struthers and I recently joined the Fair Committee. Throughout my recent years in secondary school I missed being a part of and joining in with the Fair so when I seen on Facebook the invitation for anyone to attend the AGM and potentially get involved I jumped at the chance.

The Fair has always been a huge part of my life as it is for many others as well. Despite not always living in the town in my youth, I knew I always belonged here and when the Fair came around I almost felt sorry for those living around me because for them the final Friday in June was just a normal day but for myself it couldn’t have been more different. It is a day like no other which brings people of all ages and backgrounds together to celebrate our special day.

Naively, I underestimated the work which goes in behind the scenes to organise the Fair every year and that it does not simply happen by magic. As a younger member of the committee, at just 19, I look forward to seeing what changes I can bring in the years to come so that we can continue to uphold our many traditions with the addition of modern elements. I would urge anyone who is interested to help out, even if only for one day a year, to contact the committee as there are so many ways to get involved whether this be proposing new ideas, joining the committee or assisting at our many fundraising events throughout the year.

Your support will guarantee the future of the Fair for generations to come so that our children, grandchildren and beyond can experience the best day of the year

We are lucky enough to be able to introduce our second new committee member:


Hi, my name is Harrison Earle and I have just recently joined the Fair Committee. Having lived in Bo’ness for the large majority of life, and coming from a family who lived here for over 50 years, The Fair has always been an incredibly significant event. This is why in 2010, with encouragement from family members who were a part of The Fair when they were my age, I decided to become a Presentee.

Whilst daunting at first thought, when the day came I had a great time and is one of my favourite memories of my life so far. It is only now, 10 years on, that I realise how much work went into making that day so special for me and hundreds of other children. This is why when it was proposed to me about attending The Fair AGM I was eager to be present.

Having attended the meeting I made the decision to help out and give the children of today the same special memories that I hold so dear to this day. As a younger member of the committee, having just surpassed my 19th birthday, I hope to help add new ideas whilst also upholding the traditional elements which are at the core of Our Festal Day. Most of all I am looking forward to making the 19th June 2020, truly, The Best Day of the Year and would urge everyone to get involved in any way they can

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