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What is the Bo'ness Fair Day?

The Fair – or to give it its official title – Bo’ness Children’s Fair Festival – is without a doubt the most important even in our town’s yearly calendar. It’s an event that every boy or girl lucky enough to be brought up in this lovely old grey town of ours, has loved since early childhood – a love that remains with us for the rest of our lives.

“The morn’s The Fair and I’ll be there and I’ll tie up my curly brown hair.”

That little rhyme is over a hundred years old – but is as relevant today as it was all these years ago – for little girls still run home with excitement and anticipation, for the morn is The Fair.

Year after year many of these same little girls and boys of yesteryear – now much older boys and girls, still return ‘home’ after years of living elsewhere – to be home for the fair. As one young lady recently put it – “you can take the girl out of Bo’ness – but you can’t take Bo’ness out of the girl.”

The Fair means many things to many people. Ask the teachers, the joiners, the painters, the dressmakers, ask anyone who has a part to play in The Bo’ness Fair and each will have a different story to tell. It is however through there combined efforts and contributions that makes Bo’ness Children’s Fair Festival the finest Children’s Day in the entire United Kingdom – the object of envy and admiration from every other town in Scotland. The Arches, The House Frontages, The Fair E’en, The Royal Coronation, The Dresses, The Presentess, The Procession, The Royal Command Performance – all help to attract thousands of people to our beloved Bo’ness Children’s Fair Festival – The Best Day Of The Year!

Over the years, we may have lost our docks, our pits, our hosiery’s and our potteries but the one thing we haven’t lost is our fantastic community spirit – this sense of camaraderie – that has seen our fair grow from strength to strength as the years go on and long may it continue to do so. For wouldn’t Bo’ness be a poorer place without it.

By Douglas Snedden

Go North, Go South,
Go East, Go West
No Town Has Got Our Measures
Our Fair It Stands Abune Them All
A Day The We All Treasure
It is, after all