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Bo'ness Fair Day Timetable

Below is the Timetable for the Bo’ness Children’s Fair Festival 2024.

7:30am – Judging of all decorated arches/frontages.

7:45am – Bands on Parade throughout the town.

9:00am – Judging of decorated vehicles and tableaux at Chance Park.

10:00am – Schools commence entry to Glebe Park for Crowning Ceremony, Compere of Events.

10:25am – Bo’ness & Carriden Band will assemble at Town Hall to lead music for Coronation.

10:50am – The Queen-Elect (Miss Ella Black will be conducted to the throne. The Fair Standard will then be run up. Bo’ness & Carriden Band will play ‘Three cheers for the ‘Red, White and Blue.’
The children, assisted by their teachers & spectators will sing two verses of ‘Our Festal Day’
Queens Champion Delivers the Challenge.

10:55am – The Sceptre Bearer gives the Sceptre to Queen (Miss Lexi Scotland), who delivers it to the Queen Elect
The Crown Bearer presents the Crown to Mrs McBride
The Queen-Elect kneels and the Chief Lady in Waiting removes her tiara.


  1. Mrs McBride addressing the Queen-Elect, will crown her Queen.
  2. Chief Lady in Waiting, Miss Anna Torrance will present a bouquet to Mrs McBride.
  3. Present to the Queen by Mr. Frank McGarry
  4. Bo’ness & Carriden Band will play and the assembled children, teachers and spectators will sing one verse of ‘Hail To Our Queen’
  5. The Chief Herald will read ‘The Royal Proclamation’
  6. Presentation of School Presentees

12:00 noon – The Procession commences.

1:30pm – The Royal Command Performance Commences At Douglas Park

4:15pm – Conclusion of Command Performance