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Royal Proclamation

The Proclamation below has been altered for the 2024 Fair

Whereas it has come to our knowledge…

… that many of our faithful and devoted subjects desire to know our royal mind concerning divers important questions, we do desire that our royal will and pleasure be set forth and made known in the following proclamation.

The all our loyal subjects strive to live in peace, charity and goodwill one towards the other;

That a spirit of meekness and gentleness be manifested, and hasty tempers be checked and subdued;

That a love of truth be cherished;

That a Spirit of Purity in word, thought and action be cultivated;

That a respect and ready obedience be given to all parents, teachers and those placed in authority;

A desire of knowledge and an ambition to excel may grow, and more diligent and careful attention be given, not only to those things taught at school. But to the lessons to be learned from Nature and that a spirit of reverence be fostered for the power and goodness of the Great and Wise Creator;

That lastly, a copy of this, our Royal Proclamation, be preserved by all our loyal subjects; and that they appear before us once in each year at the Midsummer Holiday Festival.

Given at our Court, Bo’ness, this the Twenty Eighth Day of June, in the year of our Lord, Two Thousand, and Twenty Four. ELLA, QUEEN

Royal Command Performance Herald

It is our royal will that our devoted subjects, having seen us crowned on this auspicious day, share thereafter set aside for a space of some hours, all serious pursuits and activities, shall assemble in our presence to witness with us an entertainment publicly performed by sundry players at our expense and royal command.

Given under our hand on the Twenty Eigth Day of June in the year of our Lord, Two Thousand, and Twenty Four. ELLA, QUEEN