Tuesday, July 16, 2019
Congratulations to the Children, Headteacher and everyone associated with Bo'ness Public School.   Queen Elect Andrea Robertson and her retinue have been chosen for this years Children's Fair Festival 2017. The P7 children were exceptional in their presentations, I was overwhelmed...
www.sanctusmedia.com/fairday  You can tweet messages #ourfestalday
Bo'ness Children's Fair Festival AGM St Mary's Church Hall 7.30pm Thursday 27th October Over 18's Only If you are interested in this great day and wish to get involved please come along and bring your friends.
www.sanctusmedia.com/fairday LIVE FROM THE GLEBE PARK, BO'NESS you can share it with family and friends and let us know where they will be viewing from



1996 – The Fair – A Personal View

I WAS born in East Castleoan, Bo'ness in February 1950 amongst the close knit community of hard working miners, their wives and families. Later...