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QueenAnnie Spence
Crowned byMrs J. B. Ballantyne
Ex QueenMary Smith
Chief Lady in WaitingCharlotte Madden
Ladies in WaitingMary Liddle, Susan Blair, Catherine Rutherford, Janet Boyle, Elizabeth McLaughlin, Margaret Darrien, Margaret Grant, Mary McGowan
Maids of HonourAnnie Curran, Annie McAvoy, Catherine McGarry, Rose Cullen, Agnes McGowan, Mary Mitchell, Margaret White, Mary Ostacchini
Queen of the FairiesJean McAllister
Queen of the Flower GirlsMary Bell
Lords in WaitingSimon Martin, Thomas Carlin
Queens HeraldsPeter Murphy, Richard Blair
Queen's ChampionNeil Martin
Yeomen of the GuardMichael Curran, Patrick Maguire
Crown BearerRobert Kenny
Sceptre BearerBernard McAllister
Sword BearerPeter Corvi
Queen's PagesJohn McLeod, Charles Douds
"The Star Fairy and the Gnome"
Grange Primary School
Mary Robb, Annie Thomson
"Drink More Milk & Eat More Fruit"
Carriden Primary School
"Sunshine and Shower "
Bo'ness Public Primary School
Margaret Ferrier, Molly Henderson
"Hatched and Matched"
Blackness Primary School
Etta Scott, Henry Yates
"Empire Visitors to The Coronation"
St Mary's Primary School
"Babes in the Wood "
Borrowstoun Primary School
William Meichan, Jean Picken
"Hiawatha and Minnehaha"
Kinneil Primary School
Charles Frank, Betty Burden
Bo'ness Infant School
"Dux Medallists"
Bo'ness Academy
Elizabeth King, Agnes Watt
Grange Primary SchoolMargaret Millar, Ena Potter, Betty Davidson, Christine Grant, Pearl McLeod, Helen Anderson
Carriden Primary School
Bo'ness Public Primary SchoolJean Harrison, Florence McBeth, Mary Mitchell, Jean Newton, Jean Scotland, Annie Stewart
Blackness Primary SchoolIrene Anderson, Betty Rayne
St Mary's Primary SchoolMary Robertson, Edith Liddle, Jennie White, Ellen McLaughlin, Alice Jones, Marie Cassettari, Mary Stirling, Helen McAloon
Borrowstoun Primary SchoolMargaret Wright, Jeanie Wright, Annie Young, Joan Millar, Elspeth Hughes, Jane Hughes
Kinneil Primary SchoolAnnie Malarky, Marion Johnston, Helen McCulloch, Maisie Wotherspoon, Annie Kirkwood, Ruby Grant, Cathie Allan, Mary McQuet,
Bo'ness Infant School
Bo'ness AcademyMarion Beck, Nessie McQuet, Mary Gardner, Chrissie Arbuckle, Jean Hamilton, Agnes Grant
Flower Girls
Grange Primary SchoolJohann Mann, Nan Fernie, Agnes Miller, Betty Hay, Isa Cherrie, Janet Neill, Janet Dickson, Margaret Johnston
Carriden Primary School
Bo'ness Public Primary SchoolJean Burns, Janet Henderson, Betty Homer, Sheena McDonald, Annie Robertson, Marie Sharpe, Janet Wallace, May Young
Blackness Primary SchoolKitty Adams, Nancy Hannah
St Mary's Primary SchoolGilda Andretti, Alexina Carlin, Agnes Gallacher, Mary Rutherford, Jeanie Rutherford, Catherine Sneddon, Annie Hempstead, Agnes McLaughlin
Borrowstoun Primary SchoolMay Campbell, Agnes Clelland, Julia Grant, Christina Grant, Marion Paton, Janet Grant
Kinneil Primary SchoolNan Waddell, Nettie McNeill, Peggy Grant, Ella Bracegirdle, Peggy Allan, Margaret Johnstone
Bo'ness Infant School
Bo'ness AcademyCathie Munro, Ina Neill, Margaret Ritchie, Jeanie Bernard, May Kuusk, Janet Liddle