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Bo'ness Fair Retinue 1923

QueenAnnie Petrie
Crowned byMiss Talman
Ex QueenAnnie Currie
Chief Lady in WaitingJenny Clydesdale
Ladies in WaitingChristeen Thomson, Maisie Cuthell, Bessie Paterson, Jeanie Cunningham, Sybil Masson, Lily McKenzie, Margaret Stirton, Betty Bruce
Maids of HonourFanny Sneddon, Alice Phillips, Peggie McCulloch, Jennie Rymas, Jessie Gray, Jeannie Waddell, Ruth Ferguson, Mary Scotland
Queen of the FairiesMinnie Crawford
Queen of the Flower GirlsMary McIntosh
Lords in WaitingScott Martin, George Simpson
Queens HeraldsSamuel Sneddon, Adam Hamilton
Queen’s ChampionAlexander Arthur
Yeomen of the GuardJames Ballantine, William Ritchie
Crown BearerJohn Boyd
Sceptre BearerJames Collie
Sword BearerWilliam Robertson
Queens PagesArchibald Grant, James Keeble
“Rob Roy McGregor”
Grange Primary School
“Helen McGregor” Agnes Bell, “Rob Roy” John Johnstone
“Babes in the Wood”
Carriden Primary School
Lilias Learmonth, Archie Stanners
“Witch & Pied Piper”
Bo’ness Public Primary School
Margaret Jamieson, James Burnett
“Milk Maid & Peasant Boy”
Blackness Primary School
Katie Porteous, Andrew Nimmo
“Hamlet & King Lear”
St Mary’s Primary School
Edward McGuire, Joseph McAllister
“Navy & Army”
Borrowstoun Primary School
Margaret Anderson, Fred Kennet
“Household Requisities “
Kinneil Primary School
Ruby Sneddon, Dick Carlyle
“Bo Peep & Boy Blue”
Bo’ness Infant School
Maypole Dancers
May Queen
Mary Simpson, Jack Girvan
Marian Agnew, Lizzie Brodie, Beth McColl, Agnes Rankine, Violet Baxter, May Henderson, Margaret Sherratt, Nessie Robertson, Gracie Trotter, Annie Agnew, Jeanie Morrison, Nan Traill, Edith Howe, Agnes Henderson, Jenny Gelly, Peggy McLardy
“Dux Medalists”
Bo’ness Academy
Gold & Silver Medallists
Bo’ness Public Primary SchoolMargaret Jackson, Ina Mackrell, Bella Hay, Betty Smith
St Mary’s Primary SchoolEmily Baptie, Katie Hamilton, Bessie McGuire, Rosie Docherty
Borrowstoun Primary SchoolMary Sherrat, Lizzie Dick, Maggie Beglin, Katie Grant
Kinneil Primary SchoolJessie Main, Bessie Kay, Annie Mair, Chrissie Frank
Grange Primary SchoolIsa Laidlaw, Sarah Henderson, Sarah Bell, Ellen Young
Carriden Primary SchoolJean Nimmo, Mary McGregor, Margaret Grant, Minnie Brown
Blackness Primary SchoolAllie McCaskill, Betty Harper
Bo’ness Infant SchoolMary Haddow, Ina Wright, Minnie Orr, Peggy McKay
Bo’ness AcademyChrissie Robertson, Rose McNaughton
Flower Girls
Bo’ness Public Primary SchoolMay Sneddon, Nettie Henderson, May Paul, Nessie Hastie
St Mary’s Primary SchoolMary Park. Kaie Maxwell, Helen Blair, Betty O’Sullivan
Borrowstoun Primary SchoolRachel Baillie, Margaret Pow, Julia Pow, Nellie Ellis
Kinneil Primary SchoolMay Laird, Mary Cathcart, Lizzie Nisbet, Peggie Kirkwood
Grange Primary SchoolMartha Drysdale, Winifred McDonald, Helen Scotland, Christian McGregor
Carriden Primary SchoolJean Sneddon, Janet Paul, Margaret Robertson, Janet Duncan
Blackness Primary SchoolMary White, Eliza Kidd
Bo’ness Infant SchoolBunty Griffiths, Annie McCarroll, Mary King, Martha Adamson
Bo’ness AcademyCathy Kirk, Mary Lambie