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Bo'ness Fair Retinue 1924

QueenHelen Shaw
Crowned byMrs E. Shinwell
Ex-QueenAnnie Petrie
Chief Lady in WaitingKate Maxwell
Ladies in WaitingMargaret Carlin, Cathie Martin, Susie Docherty, Betty Haney, Nellie Jenkins, Janet McAdam, Margaret Judge, Jessie Rutherford
Maids of HonourMay Cameron, Betty O’Sullivan, Jeanie McIntosh, Lizzie Mackie, Nellie Muldoon, Lizzie McAndrew, Mary McWilliams, Sarah Gourlay
Queen of the FairiesMargaret Markie
Queen of the Flower GirlsMadge Cameron
Lords in WaitingJohn Baptie, Hugh Hamilton
Queen’s HeraldsJohn Monaghan, James Haggerty
Queen’s ChampionRobert McIntosh
Yeoman of the GuardWilliam Forrester, Robert Hempstead
Crown BearerCharles Markie
Sceptre BearerJohn Gourlay
Sword BearerDaniel Hay
Queen’s PagesJohn Grant, Peter Hayes
“Achievement & Fortitude”
Grange Primary School
Winners of the W. A. Andrews War Memorial Dux Medals
“Dutch Boy & Girl”
Carriden Primary School
George S. McArthur, Minnie Forbes
“Little Tommy Tucker, Little Betty Blue”
Bo’ness Public Primary School
Richard Grant, Margaret Broome
Blackness Primary School
“Hamlet & King Lear”
St Mary’s Primary School
“Britannia & Japan”
Borrowstoun Primary School
Mary Dewar, Robert Auld
“Any Old Rags & Mackerel”
Kinneil Primary School
Tom Brown, Mary Ure
“Robin Hood & Maid Marion”
Bo’ness Infant School
Maypole Dancers
George Rose, Ina Wright

Gracie Trotter, Annie Agnew, Jeanie Morrison, Nan Traill, Mary Simpson, Agnes Henderson, Jenny Gelly, Peggy McLardy
“Dux Medalists”
Bo’ness Academy
Gold & Silver Medallists
Grange Primary SchoolJanet Black, Cathie Snedden, Helen Main, Mary Snedden
Carriden Primary SchoolRebecca Grant, Mary McLeod, Mary Leith, Agnes Penman
Bo’ness Public Primary SchoolMargaret Jamieson, Jessie Hay, Bella Hay, Jessie Blair
Blackness Primary School
St Mary’s Primary School
Borrowstoun Primary SchoolMargaret Fortune, Elizabeth Beglin, Lizzie Pow, Cathie Fraser
Kinneil Primary SchoolJanet Scobbie, Jeanie Main, Bessie Kay, Annie Grant
Bo’ness Infant SchoolNan Middleton, Bella Robertson, Mary Mackie, Mary Scullion
Bo’ness AcademyJenny Clydesdale, Chrissie Grant, Bessie MacKay, Margaret Brown
Flower Girls
Grange Primary SchoolMyra Ellis, Helen Park, Elizabeth Grant, Betty Paterson
Carriden Primary SchoolIsa Cumming, Mina Clark, Elizabeth Dickens, Rachel Sorley
Bo’ness Public Primary SchoolMartha Adamson, Jemina Aitken, Jessie Walker, Agnes Bell
Blackness Primary School
St Mary’s Primary School
Borrowstoun Primary SchoolAgnes Webster, Lily Dewar, Margaret Pow, Nellie Ellis
Kinneil Primary SchoolMargaret Robertson, Margaret McMahon, Thea Ford, Margaret Bernard
Bo’ness Infant SchoolMary Thorne, Jean Clark, Margaret Doughty, Jean Crawford
Bo’ness AcademyRena McNaught. Belle Donaldson, May Pyper, Cathie White