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Bo'ness Fair Retinue 1925

QueenCatherine Snedden
Crowned byMrs A. Livingstone
Ex QueenHelen Shaw
Chief Lady in WaitingIna King
Ladies in WaitingLena Frank, Betty Law, Mary Livingstone, Bertha Martin, Helen Robertson, May Hardie, Rita Brown, Cathie Taylor
Maids of HonourMay Pyper, Margaret Snedden, Martha Cunningham, Rose McNaught, Lizzie Gribbon, Cathie White, Annie Fallow, Chrissie Robertson
Queen of the FairiesJean Watt
Queen of the Flower GirlsNan Steele
Lords in WaitingAlex Ritchie, Ian McAlister
Queens HeraldsWilliam Robertson, John Perry
Queen’s ChampionRoy MacDonald
Yeomen of the GuardRoderick McKay, James Begg
Crown BearerWilliam Ainslie
Sceptre BearerRobert Grant
Sword BearerArchibald Stanners
Queens PagesJohn MacKay, Robert Riddell
Grange Primary SchoolWinners of the W.D. Andrews War Memorial Medals
“The Elves”
Carriden Primary School
Helen Bell, John Christie
“Spider & Bat”
Bo’ness Public Primary School
Kathleen Jamieson, Alex Deas
Blackness Primary School
“Lord & Lady MacBeth”
St Mary’s Primary School
Charles Markie, Bessie Haney
“A Coster & His Wife”
Borrowstoun Primary School
John Penn, Rachel Baillie
“Salad & Salad Dressing”
Kinneil Primary School
Jane Laing, Matthew Robertson
“Soldier Sailor”
Bo’ness Infant School
Maypole Dancers
Tom Meikle, Daniel Griffiths
Annie McCarrol, Lily Gelly, Rita Robertson, Ruby Taylor, Edna Weatheral, Mary Beagley, Jean Paterson, Agnes Reid, Mary Haddow, Jeanie White, Bella Robertson, Lizzie Meldrum, Jean Clark, Marion McCarrol, Bella Malarkie, Margaret Cooper
Bo’ness AcademyDux Medalists
Grange Primary SchoolMary Barrowman, Gladys Bread, Margaret Gribbon, Annie Middleton
Carriden Primary SchoolChrissie Bell, Jeanie Boslem, Joan Pow, Robina Thomson
Bo’ness Public Primary SchoolAnnette McGill, Margaret Jamieson, Jeanie Grant, Grace Trotter
Blackness Primary School
St Mary’s Primary SchoolSheila McCurrach, Bertha Haggerty, Mary Scullion, Mary Gibney
Borrowstoun Primary SchoolJanet Crawford, May Sellar, Nan Crawford, Elizabeth Dick
Kinneil Primary SchoolMargaret Johnston, Jean Young, Betty Lamb, Christine Brechin
Bo’ness Infant School? ? ? Margaret Doughty
Bo’ness AcademySheila Park, Margaret Cochrane, Marion Haggie, Jean Waddell
Flower Girls
Grange Primary SchoolJeanie Fraser, Isa Grant, Mary Niven, Mary Snedden
Carriden Primary SchoolMay Boyd, Helen Bell, Elizabeth Robertson, Louisa Young
Bo’ness Public Primary SchoolMary Fleming, Mattie Middleton, Bessie Jeffrey, Kate Rutherford
Blackness Primary School
St Mary’s Primary SchoolLizzie Mackie, May Cameron, Margaret Judge, Jessie Rutherford
Borrowstoun Primary SchoolIsabel Crawford, Tina Dewar, Emma Dewar, Alison Snedden
Kinneil Primary SchoolElizabeth Angus, Elizabeth McFarlane, Jane Ure, Chrissie Frank
Bo’ness Infant SchoolAnna Robertson, Nettie Spence, May Johnston, Martha Wilson
Bo’ness AcademyAnne Farquharson, Chrissie Grant, Martha Wyllie, Mary Robertson