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Bo'ness Fair Retinue 1947

QueenMary Sneddon
Crowned byMrs D. Lumsden
Ex QueenSadie Potter
Chief Lady in Waiting Margaret Martin
Ladies in Waiting Agnes Buchanan, Morna Patrick, Agnes Kerr, Senga McKenzie, Agnes McNeill, Janet Baxter, Agnes Clark, Betty Sherratt
Maids of Honour Joan Heath, Janet Rintoul, Elspeth Jardine, Alice Frazer, Margaret Young, Moira McCormack, Ena Robertson, Isobel Cordiner.
Queen of the Fairies Cathie Martin
Queen of the Flower Girls Mary Steel
Lords in Waiting James Gray, John Cunningham
Queens HeraldsAlister Sneddon, James McAlpine
Queen’s Champion Thomas Crooks
Yeomen of the Guard Bryce Bell, John Timms
Crown Bearer David Livingstone
Sceptre Bearer Charles Patrick
Sword Bearer William Laidlaw
Queens Pages Fred Grant, Sam Spowart


“B U’s”
Bo’ness Public Primary School
William Agnew, William Williamson
Maypole Dancers  Annette Learmouth (Red), Sandra McKenzie (White), Sadie Wilson (Bue), Vera Lapsley (Gold), Nan Sneddon (Green), Beth Fraser (Pink), Joan Hodge (Yellow), Beth Gibb (Pale Blue)
Maypole Dancers trained byMiss Smith
“King and Queen of Sing a Song of Sixpence”
St Mary’s Primary School
Edward McDonald, Patricia Mullen
“Maid Marian and Robin”
Borrowstoun Primary School
Sarah Young, Rae Simpson
“Misfit” and “Fit Miss”
Blackness Primary School
Bertie Heeps, Chrisley Crooks
“Cowboy and Ranch Girl”
Kinneil Primary School
Tom Stevenson, Anne Kennedy
“The Sleeping Beauty and the Prince”
Grange Primary School
Annette Kilpatrick, John Miller
“Dux Medalists”
Bo’ness Academy


Bo’ness Public Primary SchoolSheena Pritchard, Muriel Burnett, Mary Moodie, Mary Laing, Dorothy Chisholm, Nancy Mill, Janet Young, Elizabeth Rankine
Blackness Primary SchoolBunty Dunleavie, Irene Smith
St Mary’s Primary SchoolJane Docherty, Helen Gourlay, Jean Savage, Cecilia McIntosh, Mary Burns, Agnes Smullen, Esther Smullen, Mary Mullen
Borrowstoun Primary SchoolEna Kirkham, Christina Henderson, Jean Steedward, Jessie Pow, Aileen MacPherson, Elizabeth Sneddon
Kinneil Primary SchoolMoira Anderson, Sadie Page, Ann Walker, Irene Girvan, Eleanor McBeth, Jean McGregor
Grange Primary SchoolIsobel Fletcher, Marion Nutt, Margaret Henderson, Myra Henderson, Mary Rose Adams, Marilyn Stewart
Bo’ness AcademyMargaret Williamson, Isobel Bell, Jessie McIntosh, Margaret Frank, Elizabeth Ross, Elma Ritchie, Annie King, Nancy Burnett

Flower Girls

Bo’ness Public Primary SchoolElinor Thomson, Jane Hamilton, Mary Gibson, Isobel Fleming, Janet Ogg, Samuelina McKay, Sheena Jardine, Margaret Forbes
Blackness Primary SchoolMarion Anderson, Nancy Dalrymple
St Mary’s Primary SchoolAgnes Mitchell, Elizabeth Campbell, Adelina Kenny, Margaret Maxwell, Agnes Boyle, Margaret Mitchell.
Borrowstoun Primary SchoolJanet Hardie, Isobella Stewart, Victoria Leishman, Margaret Arbuckle, Mary Grant, Isabella B. Smellie.
Kinneil Primary SchoolJean Anderson, Margo Hamilton, Janet McFarlane, Agnes Sneddon, Amy Mackie, Catherine Galloway, Jean Culbert, Margaret Sneddon
Grange Primary SchoolChristine Kelly, Nan Sneddon, Nancy Struthers, Joyce Binnie, Anne Melville, Edith Hamilton, Christine Don, Eleanor Fraser
Bo’ness AcademyLorna Miller, Jessie MacGregor, Joyce Waugh, Jean Anderson, Rena Hamilton, Jean Aitken.