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Bo'ness Fair Retinue 1949

QueenMargaret Carson
Crowned byMrs Wisbey
Ex QueenJeanette MacGuire
Chief Lady in Waiting May Snedden
Ladies in Waiting Margaret Walker, Betty Walker, Maureen O’Donnell, Jean Davidson, Margaret Harkness, Jean Anderson, Betty Meldrum, Margaret Ralston
Maids of Honour Janet Bryce, Sadie Patterson, Georgina McLean, Margaret Hardie, Jean Meikle, Jean Coull, Catherine Birss, Agnes Hamilton
Queen of the Fairies Mary Culbert
Queen of the Flower Girls Lorna Miller
Lords in Waiting John Falconer, Andrew MacMurray
Queens HeraldsGeorge Frank, Tom Hamilton
Queen’s Champion Archibald Kirkhope
Yeomen of the Guard Ian Collee, William Adams
Crown Bearer Iain Carruthers
Sceptre Bearer Charles Smith
Sword Bearer Alex McIntosh
Queens Pages John Ballantyne, William Stirling


“Robin Hood and Will Scarlet”
St Mary’s Primary School
Robert McAllister, Joseph Kelly
“Rajah and Princess of Bhong”
Kinneil School
James Rutherford, Janet McFarlane
“Jack Horner and Miss Muffett”
Grange School
Alexander MacLachlan, Sheila Bodman
“Buttons and Bows”
Blackness School
James Grant, Isabel Fyfe
“The Old Woman who lived in a shoe,” Doreen Wright and “Her Children”
Public School
Ruby Anderson, Elizabeth Clark, Margaret Cuthell, Marion Davidson, Jane Paterson, Moira Smith, Tommy Black, Jack Lapsley, Ian Laird, John Smart, Jim Turnbull, Jim Wright
“Peter Pan and Wendy”
Borrowstoun School
David Park, Evelyn Stanners
“Dux Medallists”
Bo’ness Academy


Bo’ness AcademyMargaret Turnbull, May Snedden, Evelyn Kuusk, Margaret Robertson, Christina Grant, Sheena Pritchard, Nan Blair, Mary Bell
St Mary’s Primary SchoolMary Mulraney, Bernice Burke, Helen Meikle, Margaret McCabe, Anniebella McArthur, Helen Gourlay, Jean Savage, Margaret Connelly
Kinneil Primary SchoolPamela Stobie, Jean Grant, Mary Johnston, Jonina McNeish, Pearl Bissett, Helen McCormack, Thomasina McKenna, Margaret Peretto
Grange Primary SchoolIsobel Kidd, Janet Russell, Patricia Kilcar, Helen Allen, Ann Carr, Margaret Suttie
Blackness Primary SchoolRobina Adams, Mary Hay
Bo’ness Public Primary SchoolJoy Foot, Anne Armitt, Margaret Arbuckle, Helen Grant, Annie Balderston, Christine Petrie
Borrowstoun Primary SchoolCatherine Clelland, Jean Gray, Janet Hamilton, Janet Laffey, Janet Neilson, June Pow

Flower Girls

Bo’ness AcademyIsobel Tomkins, Sadie McMinn, Margaret Binnie, Jessie McNiff, Nan Forrest, Elspeth Jardine, Betty Martin, Jean Culbert
St Mary’s Primary SchoolBridget Rooney, Bridget McGill, Margaret Liddle, Agnes O’Neil, Helen McDonald, Jemima Murray
Kinneil Primary SchoolAgnes Brown, Jean Stewart, Jean Ralston, Irene Hamilton, Margaret Cosgrove, Christine Hannah
Grange Primary SchoolAnn Anderson, Beth Snedden, Rita Snedden, Margaret Simpson, Jean Bain, Annette Kilpatrick, Elizabeth Chambers, Irene Henderson
Blackness Primary SchoolMargaret Guild, Isobel Jones
Bo’ness Public Primary SchoolMarion Penman, Sheena White, Sheila Cameron, Jean Paton, Aileen McPherson, Marjory Paul, Janice Marmion, Bunty Stirling
Borrowstoun Primary SchoolMargaret Brown, Betty Campbell, Nan Dunsmore, Betty Martin, Jean Sellar, Irene Trotter