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Bo'ness Fair Retinue 1952

QueenMyra Taylor
Crowned byMrs J. Graham
Ex QueenMargaret Henderson
Chief Lady in Waiting Isabella B. Smellie
Ladies in Waiting Sadie Wilson, Chrissie Henderson, Margaret Arbuckle, Elizabeth Gibb, Ena Kirkham, Joyce Robertson, Betty Newbigging, Annette Johnstone
Maids of Honour Isobel Watt, Grace Simpson, Agnes Cuthell, Janice Marmion, Vera Lapsley, Jeanette Morrison Mary Grant, Bertha Spowart
Queen of the Fairies Annette Learmonth
Queen of the Flower Girls Margaret Harris
Lords in Waiting James Hannah, Lyall Grant
Queens HeraldsRichard Pollock, Russell Sneddon
Queen’s Champion Allan Smellie
Yeomen of the Guard John Johnston, James McNab
Crown Bearer Ian Wilson
Sceptre Bearer Charles Smith
Sword Bearer Roy McCormack
Queens Pages Robert Fleming, Allan Davidson


” Two Maypole Queens “
Bo’ness Public Primary School
Two QueensMargaret Young, Ann Cooper
1st Set  Margaret Young (Maypole Queen “Red”), Ray Elliot (Green), Nannette Pollock (Yellow), James Aitken (Rose), Dorothy Nisbet (Pale Blue), Myra Sinclair (Orange), Helen Wilson (Royal Blue), Janet Aitken (White)
2nd SetAnn Cooper (Maypole Queen “Red”), Joyce Ray (Green), Beth McGougan (Yellow), Margaret Henderson (Rose), Kathleen Robertson (Pale Blue), Rona Pearson (Orange), Maureen Gardner (Royal Blue), Sheena McLean (White)
Maypole Dancers trained byMiss Smith
” David and Goliath “
St Mary’s Primary School
Henry Doudie, Joseph Haggerty
“Take your Partners”
Borrowstoun Primary School
Edith McNeill, Bertha Grant, Julia Pow, Merle Campbell, David McNab, Roy Stanners, Kenneth Henderson, John Meichan
” Tulips and Heather “
Blackness Primary School
Rosina Adams, William Caldwell
” The Willow Pattern “
Kinneil Primary School
Leonard Hancock, Muir Barclay, Ronnie Sneddon, Isabella Tomkins
” Eastern Dancers “
Grange Primary School
Jean Bain, Marilyn Stewart
“Dux Medalists”
Bo’ness Academy


Bo’ness Public Primary SchoolEmily Angus, Elizabeth Taylor, Mary Stirling, Betty Ashe, Myra Anderson, Margaret Marmion, Elma Hamilton, Ruth Rankine
Blackness Primary SchoolMargaret Jardine, Margo McNab
St Mary’s Primary SchoolMargaret Kelly, Williamina McArthur, Alice McGowan, Rosena Martin, Mary Maxwell, Annie McGowan
Borrowstoun Primary SchoolAgnes Barker, Joyce Hannah, Nancy Grant, Helen Robertson, Anna Campbell, Myra Hathaway
Kinneil Primary SchoolAdela Barclay, Anna Hamilton, Mary Grinley, Harriet Smellie, Carole Grant, Norma Borland, Rae Henderson, Margaret Grant
Grange Primary SchoolJean Wallace, Hannah Baxter, Sybil Thomson, Helen Grant, Helen Simpson, Joyce Pow, Elspeth Burnside, Margaret Rose Mulholland
Bo’ness AcademyJemima Duncan, Ina Baillie, Rita Sneddon, Ray Green, Marion Hamilton, Agnes Scotland

Flower Girls

Bo’ness Public Primary SchoolMorven Robertson, Jean Laing, Ann Armitt, Marion Scott, Janet Aitken, Elizabeth Bennett, Margaret Buchanan, Janice Bryce
Blackness Primary SchoolMargaret Adams, Isobel Fyfe
St Mary’s Primary SchoolCatherine Savage, Larraine McLaughlin, Margaret Dunn, Helen Meikle, Jane Docherty, Davidina Gourlay, Jean Savage, Alexandria Miller
Borrowstoun Primary SchoolJane Martin, Feona Clelland, Regina Grant, Catherine Sinclair, Mary Stirling, Carol Hodge
Kinneil Primary SchoolMargaret McNeill, Catherine Hamilton, Elizabeth Cuthell, Agnes Stanners, Margaret Anderson, Jean Hardie
Grange Primary SchoolJanet Stanners, Christine Dyer, Jean Main, Ray White, Jean Wyatt, Margaret Gilmour
Bo’ness AcademyGrace Nicholl, Mary Laing, Margaret Liddle, Annie Nimmo, Jean Blair, Jean Hayes, Margaret Sneddon, Annette Cameron