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1992 Bo’ness Fair Retinue

QueenJennifer Dougall
Crowned byMrs W. Andrews
Ex QueenSara Rose
Chief Lady in Waiting Gayle Lourie
Ladies in Waiting Pauline Thomson, Lorraine Mitchell, Sally Roberts, Ashley Drummond, Holly Irvine, Karen Fisher, Vicki Donaldson, Lynsay McAvoy
Maids of Honour Lisa Grant, Claire Wilson, Fiona McCormack, Fiona Tulloch, Lorna Campbell, Jennifer Robb, Susan Pinkney, Gaynor Hellevik
Queen of the Fairies Heather Straub
Queen of the Flower Girls Katie Gardiner
Lords in Waiting Alan Steven, Ben McCulloch
Queens HeraldsAlan Rooney, Gary Fell
Queen's Champion Christopher Horn
Yeomen of the Guard Allan Henderson, Colin Anderson
Crown Bearer James Jenkins
Sceptre Bearer Andrew Wotherspoon
Sword Bearer Paul Cuthell
Queens EscortGary Barkham, Niall McGregor, Stuart Galloway, Iain Holleran, John McLean, Barry Young, Ross Forsyth, Francis Quinn
Queens Pages Niall Walker, Barrie McCabe


"The King and I"
Bo'ness Public Primary School
KingStephen McGinlay
AnnaSarah Jane Bogle
TuptimLouise Devine
LoverNeill Tully
King’s SonStuart Meikle
Anna’s SonAndrew Wilkinson
DancersNicola Don, Laura Grant, Hazel Sommerville, Emma Crookston, Craig Devine, Ross Neill, Gemma Horn, Steve McLean, Robert Tweed, Sandra Pinkney, Suzanne Sneddon, Alan Whitelaw
"Marching Soldiers"
St Mary's Primary School
Craig Cummings, Laura Dewar, Jamie Grant, Christopher Gray, Liam Gray, Andrew McCafferty, Richard McCafferty, Mark Robb, Dale McCallum, Paul Markey, Michelle Mitchell, Shaun Rafferty, Stuart Reilly, Mark Temperley, Gillian Wilson, Christopher Reid
"Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat"
Blackness Primary School
Kevin Morrison, Lyndsey Campbell, Gary Melville, Steven Bissett, Russell Barbour, Dyan Manson, Donna Fortune, Suzanne Johnston, Shelley Barbour
"James Bond"
Deanburn Primary School
Zoe Scott, Lauren Bennie, Natasha Kirkwood, Debbie McGowan, Sylvia Murray, Karen Donaldson, Louise Forrest, Beverley Cameron, Kerry Simpson, Emma Burns, Andrew Lees, David Gray, Craig Johnston, Scott Ferguson, Rory Stewart, Iain McLeod, David Rayne, Ritchie Gilfillan
"Jungle Book"
Kinneil Primary School
Owen Shave, Graham Grant, Ian Hamilton, Bryan Black, Steven Kidd, Richard Frickleton, Alan Dow, Steven Wardrop, Patricia Mochan, Emma McGill, Fiona Aitken, Lyn Frickleton, Vicki Kidd, Fiona McEwan, Kelly Grant, Lisa Taylor; Reserve: Julia Meldrum
"Viva Mexico"
Grange Primary School
Vicky Anderson, Sarah Dunn, Lyn Henderson, Gayle Purdie, Jamie McIlear, Michelle Arbuckle, Anne Waugh, Jill Scobbie, Gillian Duncan, Elaine Stewart, Lea Anne Dougall, Lisa Rose, Lorna Young, Emma Johnston, Elaine Sneddon, Lisa McBride


Bo'ness Public Primary SchoolClaire Dougall, Leann Spacey, Ashley Oldham, Laura McLuckie, Sarah Long, Susan Sneddon, Stacy Whitelaw, Charlene Hannaway, Elaine Tulloch, Claire Snedden
Blackness Primary School
St Mary's Primary SchoolKayleigh Brown, Ashley Darrien, Colleen Donnelly, Louise Hannah, Connie Temperley, Laura Harrison, Stephanie Korda, Kirsty Martin, Kara Mitchell, Nicola Patrick
Deanburn Primary SchoolLauren Gray, Amanda Sneddon, Emma Donaldson, Laura Johnston, Debbie Smith, Lynn Russell, Lauren Simpson, Claire Binnie, Claire Beaumont, Leanne Robb
Kinneil Primary SchoolKaren Ogston, Hazel Robinson, Jenna Scherczer, Jenna Adamson, Kirsty Allan, Joanne Shanks, Susan McGrouther, Amy Frickleton, Lisa Hendry, Claire Lapsley
Grange Primary SchoolLea Allen, Laura Cheeseman, Valerie Johnston, Lynette Livingstone, Hannah Morton, Karla Miller, Lori Bell, Laura Nimmo, Claire Sneddon, Jillian Stewart

Flower Girls

Bo'ness Public Primary SchoolVictoria Young, Clair Martin, Laura Thomson, Hayley Manson, Sarah Spacey, Leigh Robertson, Marilyn Wotherspoon, Kimberley Stevens, Emma Paton, Deborah Martin
Blackness Primary School
St Mary's Primary SchoolLouise Anthony, Hilary Darrien, Kelly Donnelly, Angela Hempstead, Guilia Onori
Deanburn Primary SchoolFiona McKay, Fiona Peacock, Esther Prentice, Kirsten Raeburn, Lynne Nimmo, Ailsa McPherson, Pamela Simpson, Claire Brady, Kerrie Fleming, Claire Donaldson, Anna-Marie Ford, Julie Ramage
Kinneil Primary SchoolHazel Cameron, Deborah Darrien, Lisa Beagley, Lorna Brown, Lindsey Orr, Kirsty Morrison, Emma McAloon, Lorna Shanks, Samantha Swinton, Stephanie Boyd, Lorraine Duff, Lynne Brown, Rebecca Maxwell, Kelly Grant
Grange Primary SchoolShelley McAlpine, Marie Allen, Sara Aitchison, Vicky Harris, Karen Stewart, Stephanie Wilkinson, Jade Ross, Anna Paul, Lisa Jackson, Donna McGuiness