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1920 – Former Characters

Kinneil Primary School  1920

Queen Elizabeth Snedden
Crowned by Mrs W. Gladstone
Ex Queen Joan Campbell
Chief Lady in Waiting Annie
Ladies in Waiting Katie Hamilton, Annie Fleming, Mary Bell, Jenny Snedden, Linda Robertson, Violet Bell, Rachel Ford, Lizzie Binnie
Maids of Honour Annie Bryce, May Whitfield, Annie Cameron, Nellie Hannah, Annie Cuthell, Nellie Hannah, Linda Paton, Katie Hodge.
Queen of the Fairies Ella Walker
Queen of the Flower Girls Bella Smith
Lords in Waiting Walter Scotland, David Morrison
Queens Heralds John Grant, John Spence
Queen’s Champion John Ure
Yeomen of the Guard Archie McKay, Tom Adamson
Crown Bearer John Robertson
Sceptre Bearer John Park
Sword Bearer John Hamilton
Queens Pages Archie Black, John Kirkwood


“Little Bo Peep”
Grange Primary School
Helen Pow, Adam Malcolmson
“Little Bo Peep”
Carriden Primary School
William Grant, Betty Taylor
Bo’ness Public Primary School
” Boy” Helen Syme, “Girl” Bella Donaldson
Blackness Primary School
“Flora McDonald” Edith Hamilton, “Prince Charlie” John Smellie
“Japanese People”
St Mary’s Primary School
“Lady”  Margaret Doudie, “Gentleman” John Jenkins
“Navy & Army”
Borrowstoun Primary School
“Navy” Fred Kennet, “Army” Robert Kelly
“Powder Puff”
Kinneil Primary School
“Powder Puff” Annie Mair, “Jester” David Allan
“Dux Medalists”
Bo’ness Academy
The “Stewart” Medallists


Grange Primary School Annie Fraser, Margaret Cook, Isobel Bell, Ina Crozier
Carriden Primary School Mary McDonald, Jean McGregor, Peggie Raeburn, Janet Taylor
Bo’ness Public Primary School Mary Rickland, Nellie Liddle, Betty Park,
Blackness Primary School Nettie White, Barbara Paris, Eliza Kidd, Mary White
St Mary’s Primary School Cathie Martin, Mary Dorian, Margaret Carlin, Katie Maxwell
Borrowstoun Primary School Maggie Fraser, Lizzie Pow, Lizzie, McMurdo, Annette Boyd.
Kinneil Primary School Sadie Smith, Mary McFarlane, Agnes Beaton, Martha Carlyle
Bo’ness Infant School
Maypole Dancers
Queen of the May
Jessie McKay, Bella Ritchie, Margaret Sherratt, Marion Agnew
Emma Malarky, Lizzie Livingstone, Fanny Sneddon, Nan Smith, Jeanie McIntosh, Nessie Hastie, Jeanie Grey, Mary Scotland, Nana White, Annie Robertson, Maggie Dixon, Georgina Donaldson, Hazel Broome, Minnie McBeth, Elsie Rankine, Mary Findlay
Bo’ness Academy Ina King, Jessie Smith, Jeanie White, Helen Boyd

Flower Girls

Grange Primary School Rose Dunn, Agnes Lumsden, Agnes Graham, Mary Cameron
Carriden Primary School Bella Findlay, Mary Ritchie, Rose Stewart, Joan Thomson
Bo’ness Public Primary School Margaret Mitchell, Rachel Main, Mary Williams, Jessie Thomson, Ella Hawthorn,
Blackness Primary School Florence Johnstone, Mary Roach, Peggy Paul, Mary Manson
St Mary’s Primary School Mary Carroll, Nelly Dorian, Margaret Docherty, Susan Maxwell
Borrowstoun Primary School Mary Paterson, Bessie Fraser, Ann Brown, Cathie Kirk
Kinneil Primary School Marion Kirkwood, Margaret Moffat, Jessie Garrow, Jane Law
Bo’ness Infant School Jenny Trotter, Phemie Wright, Martha Adamson, May Henderson
Bo’ness Academy Margaret Law, Effie Currie, Jenny Hamilton, Rita Park

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