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1971 – As We See It

FOR the first time for over sixty-five years a new school will contribute characters to the Fair pageantry this year. The school is the new Deanburn Primary, and very appropriately, considering its situation on the edge of Kinneil Woods, its first presentees will be the Men of Sherwood, complete with Robin Hood, Little John, and Will Scarlett, not forgetting the wicked Sheriff of Nottingham. We hear that Headmaster, Mr. James Vallance, has thought up many novel touches for this his school’s debut at the Fair, and with no fewer than forty children taking part in this presentation it should certainly be worth seeing.

Deanburn will also be represented by twenty fairies and flower girls and the whole school contingent will be led by four banner bearers carrying the new banner kindly presented to the school by Kinneil Community Association.

LITTLE Blackness School will certainly be in the swim of things at this year’s Fair, for its pupils in the procession will be carrying with them the Dolphin Trophy, the swimming award presented to them as the school whose pupils had made the most progress at swimming in the whole of Scotland during the past year.

Besides practising hard swimming the Blackness youngsters have also been spending a great deal of time recently rehearsing a new dance especially to perform at the Fair. With all this and the attractively uniformed little banner girls, whom headmaster, Mr A. Roby, introduced for the first time at last year’s Fair, Blackness School’s contribution will be one of the highlights of the Grand Procession.

WITH this year’s Fair Queen coming from Grange Primary School, many exiled Grangers will be making a special effort to come home to Bo’ness. Among them will be one of the school’s most distinguished old boys, the Rev. Bill Scott, minister of St. Andrew’s Church, Jerusalem. Mr. Scott has particularly fond memories of the Fair for he was himself a page boy to Queen Ina Ritchie away back in 1911.

As well as seeing the Fair, Mr. Scott also hopes to conduct a service during his stay in Bo’ness.


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