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1973 – As We See It


Making headline news at this year’s Fair will be the girls of the Grange School’s “Roaring Twenties” presentation. For the gay feathered headdresses, which add the finishing touch to their flapper outfits, have come all the way fro the United States via the world’s most famous trans-Atlantic liner Queen Elizabeth 2.

When Grange School headmaster, Bill Cowper and his staff chose the “jazz twenties” as the theme for their presentees the boys’ costumes and the girls’ fringed dresses, long beads and eye-catching garters proved easy to create, but the difficulty lay in finding authentic feathered headdresses. Phoning round for stories for the Magazine, editor Bill Hendrie heard about the problem and immediately remembered seeing just the very thing when he watched a “Roaring Twenties” cabaret number abroad the Q.E.2, while sailing to America last summer. Deciding that nothing ventured, nothing gained, Bill contacted the liner’s entertainments staff and the result is that the twelve little flappers from the Grange will now be wearing genuine chorus girl headdresses when they dance the Charleston at the Fair.


With Deanburn School providing the Queen for the first time in 1974, next year’s Fair could well be the ideal time for a change of setting for the Royal Command Performance away from the Douglass Park and back to Brewlands Park in front of Kinneil House, which was the setting for many pre war Royal revels. At one time, in fact, both the afternoon revels and the morning coronation ceremony were held at Kinneil.


As We See It – that’s what we call this feature which has been a regular part of the Fair Magazine for the last six years. So just for a change, we decided to ask one of the town’s best known artists, Guthrie Pollock, to show us how he sees the Fair, and the following cartoons were the result.


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