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1974 – As We See It

Kinneil Memories

With the principal characters at this year’s Fair coming from Deanburn School much of the excitement will be concentrated at the Kinneil end of the town, a fact which will no doubt bring back memories to some of the oldest of the town’s inhabitants. For as our picture shows Kinneil House was the setting for several of the earliest coronation ceremonies, while the adjoining Brewlands Park was frequently used for the Queen’s Revels.

Fair Music

The Fair songs are an important part of the festivities. Now a special hymn is to be incorporated as part of the Kirkin’ Service. Appropriately called “Bo’ness”, it has been written by the Old Kirk’s former assistant minister, James Martin, and his men, and at the service in the Old Kirk it will be played by the Deanburn School Band. Also taking part in the service will be many of the other pupils from the Queen’s School, who will read the lessons and lead the praise.

Back in Business

Back in business at this year’s Fair is Balfour Patton who created the famous series of spectacular floats from Pow’s farm. This year Balfour has a special interest in the Fair for his little granddaughter is a Fairy and he is busy creating a special arch for her.

Pupils Choice

While pupils have always chosen the characters at the Fair, Blackness School ha this year taken things a stage further by letting its pupils choose the theme for it presentees. “They’ve chosen ‘The Yellow Rose of Texas’ because the girls wanted an idea that involved dressing up,” explained Headmaster Alistair Robbie, who went on to stress that the youngsters want the crowds to join them in the well known chorus as they bring a touch of the American wild west to the big parade.


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