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1977 – As We See It

What will the Blackness youngsters lose this year?

That’s what everyone is wondering after last year’s hilarious presentation by the smallest school to take part in the Fair when the “King and I” rapidly became ” The King who lost His Shoes.”

With the “Sound of Music” as their choice for this year, the possibilities seen endless. Perhaps they’ll lose their echoes!

A link between the town and our first Fair Queen, Grace Strachan, has been established by the move to Bo’ness of the Mickel family, who have set up house at 6 Pine Green.

Mr Mickel is the grandson of our first Queen and during his childhood his grandmother often told him about the celebrations.

Another member of the family who still takes a lively interest in the Fair is Mr Mickel’s uncle, who is our town’s first V.C., Harcus Strachan.

Harcus won the V.C. during World War 1 and now at the age of 95 is still a very active man. He now lives in British Columbia, but is always anxious to hear from the Mickel’s about Bo’ness.

Last year they had a great deal to tell him about their first Fair, for their young son Campbell was one of Deanburn School’s presentees. Now the Mickel’s are hoping that daughter Vikki will have the opportunity to play a part in the Fair which her great grandmother Grace started all those years ago when her coronation marked the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria.


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