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1978 – As We See It

History will be made on this 1978 Fair Day. It’s more than likely that a cut-down version of the coronation will take place at Milwaukee on the shores of the Great Lakes in central America.

Bo’ness United Boys’ Club and their leaders numbering around 40 people will be visiting the United States on a goodwill tour and will miss this year’s Festival. Perhaps they will miss it in Bo’ness, but all of them fully intend celebrating the occasion across the Atlantic.

As our young Queen is crowned on the stroke of 11 a.m. a small re-enactment will be taking place in the States. Certainly the occasion will not be allowed to go by without respect being paid to our new Queen.

Mr Ian Hill, Boys’ Club leader, said: “Our tour dates cross over the Fair Festival period and I know that many of the lads will be thinking of the Glebe Park on 30th June. Thinking about the Fair will probably encourage a bit of home-sickness. It would seem natural that we dispell this feeling by staging our own crowning, and you can be assured that 11 a.m. U.K. time will be marked in proper fashion.”

This is the second time that the Boys’ Club has gone abroad. In 1975 they toured West Germany playing a series of football matches at different age levels. They never lost a game on excursion, leaving a very healthy respect for Scottish football on the Continent. They feel confident that the American trip can be equally successful.

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