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1990 – “That’s The Spirit” Unknown

HOW unfortunate with the weather we have been this past year or two and how disheartening it must have been for the Queen, her retinue, and all the children taking part in this great day, not to mention all the mothers and fathers and all others who spent so much energy and money in preparation for “The Fair”. Yet I’m sure the spirit of the Bo’ness people, young and old, is a strong, cheerful and hopeful as ever it can be.

One thing which impressed me so much when I came to reside in Bo’ness over 40 years ago, was the wonderful community spirit which pervaded among the population. The first social function I attended was a Buffet Supper Dance in the Town Hall, organised by the Bo’ness Children’s Fair Entertainment Committee, led by the late and much respected John Collee. There I met Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, Miners, Joiners, Slaterers, Plasterers, Plumbers, Butchers, Bakers, Candlestick Makers – the lot – all mixing together as one happy family, having a great time; and that spirit was not confined to the Town Hall, as I found round the Town and being greeted by my new found friends.

What a joy it is today still enjoying the warm, sincere friendship of the “Bo’ness people”.

It’s this spirit which overcomes those weather adversities which seek to dampen and cool down our enthusiasm for holding and enjoying the Bo’ness Children’s Fair Festival. Such adversities only serve to strengthen our resolve and determination to continue and if possible improve upon what has long been regarded as the most colourful and spectacular Children’s Festival anywhere. Good luck I say to all the chosen Royalty and attendants and all who get them ready for the great day of the Bo’ness Fair. May all success attend your endeavours and may all the good friendly people of Bo’ness continue to give your support, by your attendance, by your contributions in any way, financial or otherwise, thereby ensuring another great day of warm, wholesome Bo’ness Community spirit.


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