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2018 – “The Year I Will Never Forget” – Queen Andrea

The Year I Will Never Forget
Queen Andrea Robertson

On the 19th of January 2017 I went into school like any other normal day, however it turned out to be anything other than normal as we were soon told that it was the day the Fair retinue was being chosen. We knew it was coming, but none of us had any idea that it would be that particular day and we were so excited! We all went down to the hall and gave a speech to the whole school about ourselves and our interests. After hearing our speeches the pupils were given their chance to vote.

Later in the day Chairman Scott McBride, Vice Chairman Frank Mcgarry, Ann Ritchie, my Head teacher Mrs Genoe and Diane McBride came into our classroom to announce the results. We were all on the edge of our seat. Scott McBride then said “The Bo’ness Fair Queen 2017 is Andrea Robertson.” I couldn’t believe it, I was so happy.

When I found out one of my best friends, Reese, was the Chief Lady I was even happier. We went to Mrs Genoe’s Office to call my mum and tell her the good news. She was stunned and she even phoned back to the school just to check it was true! We then went to the hall to announce the result to the rest of the school, they were all cheering and clapping.

On the morning of the Kirking I was very excited. My hairdresser Sharon came over to arrange my hair and tiara and then I put my dress on and Lorraine who had made it came over to help. I then went outside for photographs in front of the arch and it was so nice to see all my neighbours out to support me. At school, the retinue were put into a line and we had a procession to Craigmailen Church. The retinue gave an amazing service. I could not have asked for any

Queen Andrea

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