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2019 – “Jumping For Joy” Linda Dow

Jumping for Joy

It was 45 years ago that I was chosen to be the first Queen out of Deanburn Primary School I still remember everything so vividly. We were all taken into the dinner hall, I remember the bright orange curtains and the full school was in the hall waiting to hear who the main characters were. The Journal photographer was there to take photographs, no health and safety then as we had to jump off a dining table, the heading was “Jumping for Joy” I received telegrams congratulating me, no text messages then. It was such an exciting time; the plans were getting drawn for my arch. Some of my Mum and Dad’s friends were helping my Grandad as he was a joiner,  I was so lucky.

The big day came, and I really felt like a Queen because of the way I was being treated. I remember Mrs McFarlane, the lady that crowned me put the crown on my head the wrong way, so I was terrified coming down the steps. In the procession I was on a float sitting so high up it was really scary. I did have a sore face from smiling all day.

After the Fair Day I was invited to a lot of functions. I remember going to a fashion show in the La Fabrique wearing a long red dress [this was the fashion then]

So, Kennedi sit back and enjoy your day. I do hope the sun will shine down on you

Deanburn Primary School Queen 1974.  Linda [Dow] Brogan

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