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2019 – “My Most Magical Year” Zoe Carlin

Zoe’s Story – My Most Magical Year

We went to school on the 12th January 2018 like it was any other day but it was the day St Marys chose their retinue. We had to go to the hall to give our speeches and the whole school were given the chance to vote. When the chairman Scott McBride, his wife Diane, Ann Ritchie, Lynne Meikle and my headteacher Mr McPeake came into our classroom we could all hardly breathe! Chairman Scott then announced “The Bo’ness Fair Queen 2018 is Zoe Carlin” I was over the moon!

My best friend Courtney was chosen as the Chief Lady and it was great to share the experience with her. When the news was announced to the rest of the school I was overwhelmed by all the clapping and cheering. We were then taken to the school office to tell our parents and my mum and dad were thrilled. After that, our house was a whirlwind of preparations. We talked dresses and arches, shoes, flowers, tiaras and it was all sprinkled with Harry Potter magic.

Very quickly, our Kirking day arrived and it was a gloriously sunny Friday. I was really excited to be getting my hair done and to be putting on one of my special dresses. My neighbours came out to see me leave to go to school. As we lined up st school ready for the procession to St Marys Church I could feel butterflies! The retinue gave an amazing service with the support of the rest of the school being there with us.

It was a very special day. The Fair E’en was another glorious day. Straight after school I went to the hairdressers to get my rollers in and when I got home there was already lots of people at the arch. There were so many good bits for example the owl sanctuary, Carriden Band playing, tasting Butter Beer, but the most special part of the night was when Scott McBride presented me with the Fair bracelet from the people of Bo’ness, it’s something I’ll treasure forever.

Finally, the big day arrived! We were at the hairdressers for six, then it was home to put on my dream dress. We were ready just in time to hear Alloa Bowmar Pipe Band March into the street. What an exciting start to the day. Our friends, family and neighbours gathered to hear the band play and take lots of pictures. The cars arrived to take us to St Mary’s and for the day to start proper. Walking into the Glebe Park with my page boys Keir & Bryce is a memory I’ll never forget. Standing at the bottom of the stage listening to the fanfare, looking up at my mum and dad. Then kneeling down in front of the people of Bo’ness for Maria Ford to crown me. It was just magical. Even Courtney having to yank my secure tiara out of my hair was a special moment never to be forgotten!

The whole day went by so fast. The fabulous presentees, the amazing procession, dancing with Little Fix, even making my speech at the evening dinner, every single second was special. This page is sponsored by Donna, Cerys & Layla 7 Muirepark Court, Bo’ness 47 Zoe’s Story… My reign as Bo’ness Fair Queen really has been the best year of my life. I have been invited to attend many engagements and have met many new people which I have thoroughly enjoyed.

Some of the highlights have been attending the Armistice Day service, the Salvation Army Christmas Concert, switching on the Christmas Lights, presenting the McLaren Trophy, the fabulous Silent film festival at the Hippodrome and presenting the prizes at the football tournaments. So many amazing people need to be thanked for helping my year be truly magical. The “Team Queen” girls and the “Arch Boys” especially Lorraine and David, Lorna and Derek, and Gail and Tony. The staff and pupils at St Marys School especially Mrs Byrne, Mr Burnett and Mr McPeak. Together with the Fair Committee and my family we have created incredible memories that will last a lifetime.

Finally, I would like to wish Queen Elect Kennedi and her retinue a very happy Fair Day. I am sure she will do a great job and enjoy her year as much as I have. Truly, a little bit of magic comes to Bo’ness every year.

Queen Zoe Carlin 2018

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