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2020 Bo’ness Children’s Fair Festival

2020 Bo’ness Children’s Fair Festival


This is to confirm the decision made by the Executive Committee in conjunction with the Director of Education, Head Teachers and staff of Bo’ness Schools that the Fair Day 2020 will be on Friday 19th June.

This decision to hold it on this day has been driven by the school calendar and the Committee’s aim to maintain the tradition of the Fair Day being on a Friday.

Although this date is earlier than normal and is not the last school day of the year, the Committee fully believe that this is the best option for the children to enjoy a traditional Fair Day.

The Committee are confident that whatever challenges may arise with regards the scheduling of the Fair Day, possibly in relation to stages, bands, transportation, floats etc. by all working together and thinking constructively, Fair Day 2020 will be yet another wonderful day for all the people of Bo’ness.

Scott McBride


  1. There’s nothing quite like changing the schedule of the Fair Day is there? For decades Bo’ness Fair has come on the back of the Grangemouth Gala Day (traditionally the third Saturday in June). Now however, tradition is cast aside and Bo’ness Fair Day will be on the held on the third Friday of June – the day before the Grangemouth Gala Day. Then, the children will be expected to turn up for school and lessons the following week, for their final week of term. What nonsense! I doubt if many children will turn up to class. They certainly won’t have a learning mindset – they will have already mentally checked out for the holidays.

    • Gillian,
      It wasn’t the website that changed the day. To our knowledge, it was brought forward due to a school holiday falling on what would have been the Fair Day. The Crowning will now go ahead on Friday 28th August behind closed doors and hopefully, the Queen and her Retinue will travel on the Fair trailers around the Procession route.


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