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2020 Crowning Will Held Be Behind Closed Doors

Dear Bo’nessians


We are currently facing one of the most testing periods in the history of the Bo’ness Children’s Fair Festival. In a very short space of time due to Covid 19 the whole country has been locked down which has resulted in cancellations of large and small events. Social distancing has been introduced to fight the spread of Covid 19 and to support the NHS and save lives.

The Fair Executive Committee has been meeting weekly through Skype. We have also been in contact with the Bo’ness Schools, the Education Department and taking on board updates from the Scottish Government.

Various ideas have been put forward to the Executive Committee which have been discussed at our meetings, we have now decided on a plan going forward.

A Crowning Ceremony will take place this year on the 28 August with Queen Elect Lily and her retinue, this will be held behind closed doors at a venue to be confirmed. The ceremony will be streamed live to the schools and can also be viewed online giving each household the opportunity to watch it.

It is with heavy hearts we must announce there shall be no Fairies, Flower Girls or Presentees. We will be discussing with the schools options for these roles going forward.

This is not the Fair Day we would have expected or wanted but to keep the continuity of the Fair a Crowning must take place.

The Executive Committee and the schools shall discuss at a later date on how we can give recognition to this year’s retinue at next year’s Fair.

Stay Safe
Scott McBride

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