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2020 Fair Committee Working Around The Clock

Provisional date set for this year’s Bo’ness Childen’s Fair Festival has a provisional date fo Friday 28th August.  This has been chosen provisional date due to the ongoing Corvid-19 cancellations forced around the globe.

“Gala Days” and midweek “Riding of the Marches” throughout the country have been canceled.  It would have been hard for us to cancel our Fair Day so an extension until the end of August will allow us some time to watch ongoing events as to what is going on around the country.

This will be the biggest call since the outbreak of World War Two.  Nobody could see this coming to the extent the lockdown and only necessary travels to shop and thousands of hospital appointments cancelled.  Then the Furlough situation with many companies putting employees on short time or even non-essential jobs have been cancelled.

We are sure all Bo’nessians worldwide will back us in whatever the call will be.  Many have said is it on or off, how long is a piece of string?  Many positions are being looked at daily within the Committee and we will do our best to inform you as early as we can.

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