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2024 Bo’ness Children’s Fair Festival Retinue

Queen ElectElla Black
Crowned by
QueenLexi Scotland
Chief Lady in WaitingAnna Torrance
Ladies in WaitingMia Gardiner, Ava McLusky, Freya Abbott, Rose Williamson, Kirsten Lee, Isla Mochar, Kelsea Wilkinson, Hannah McQueen
Maids of HonourBrooke Winstanley, Evie Pickett, Lillie Martin, Mila Barkham, Orla Liddle, Lucia Braid, Maia Winstanley, Aillie Keen
Queen of the FairiesYasmin Komorowski
Queen of the Flower GirlsLois Morrison
Lords in WaitingBen Donaldson, Joey Bell
Queen's HeraldsCallum Gilfillian, Millar Anderson
Queen's ChampionTyler James Love
Yeoman of the GuardMayson Hunter, Harris Davidson
Crown BearerKian Morrison
Sceptre BearerNathan Holmes
Sword BearerArran Bremner
Queen's Pages Oliver Hughes, Zach Stirling
"Willy Wonka" Deanburn Primary School
Kinneil Primary School
Grange Primary School
Bo’ness Public Primary School
Blackness Primary School
St Mary’s Primary School
Flower Girls
Guard of Honour

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