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AGM News

The Fair AGM was held in St Mary’s Chapel Hall on the 26th October at 7.30pm. There was a very encouraging attendance of 43 people.

Chairman Frank McGarry welcomed everyone and proceeded to give a report on the past twelve months activities, successes and things that need to be tweaked. Despite the rain on the Fair Day the vast majority of the children and adults simply got on with it, creating very happy memories in the process.

Frank also delivered the accounts. The Fair again ran at a deficit this year. A sub-committee was set up a few weeks to look at radical ways of reducing expenditure. Some of these have been accepted including the removal of the stage at The Douglas Park and stopping both The Kirking and the dinner on the Fair evening. Other measures will give us around 22 thousand pounds of savings on expenses.

Our fundraising brought in over 21 thousand pounds, the Fair Lottery contributed just short of 3 thousand pounds and the door-to-door collections added a record breaking 15 thousand pounds. Local businesses and individuals continue to give us donations which boosted the funds by 11 thousand pounds.

Our main expenses continue to be staging, security and the cost of bands. The sub-committee has provided ideas for us to look at in the coming weeks to reduce these costs.

The re-election of office bearers went smoothly although there is still a vacancy for the Douglas Park Convenor to be filled.

Dan Markie then gave a more detailed presentation on the suggestions that the sub-committee had made, which sparked some healthy debate. However, those in attendance understood the need for cost cutting although some asked that we try to be sympathetic in the reduction of bands that we have.

The official accounts and the presentation from the sub-committee will be available shortly.

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