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Appeals Week Volunteers Required

Call for Appeal Week Volunteers!
We require additional volunteers to cover the streets listed below during this year’s appeal week, which takes place April 21st to Saturday, April 27th. This task involves dropping envelopes to each home and collecting them back up
If you’re available and willing to lend a hand, email [email protected] with your name and address, to allow us to drop envelopes in. Your support is invaluable in making this event a success!

 Volunteer Opportunities:

Constable Court: 40 homes
Linlithgow Road Top: 40 homes
Little Carriden: 25 homes
Drumpark Avenue: 119 homes
Graham Crescent: 74 homes
Victoria Place, Cairns Lane, Park Lane & Links Place: 50 homes
Grahamsdyke Road including Riverview Terrace: 64 homes
Pennelton Place: 120 homes
Douglas Drive: 70 homes
Liddle Drive: 110 homes
Dean Road: 181-219 homes
Deanfield Terrace (Top Half): 128 homes
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