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Bo’ness Has A New Queen. Queen Ella

In beautiful sunshine, Ella was crowned Queen before the wind got up and a 30-second blast of rain before it cleared up, unlike last year when the skies opened for a day-long downpour.

The wind was gusty and it didn’t take long for the crown to take flight off Ella’s head before being replaced and fixed by Diane McBride who had now crowned a Queen twice in one day.

The Retinue were in beautiful colours to match their Willy Wonka theme.  Presentees are the highlight as they perform in front of their new Queen.  This year they were staying dry, unlike last year.

Next up after a slight delay the Procession got underway around the town and the talking points were the Fairies who completed the walk without a problem.  Although some make out it is too long for them to walk especially up around Cowdenhill and the Grange School, bands prefer the Harbour Road route due to the weight of the instruments and the gradual climb.

The afternoon went down well with the Taylor Swift tribute act taking the stage to an excited young and younger crowd.

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