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Bo’ness Said “Fair Well” To Douglas Snedden


“The Voice of Bo’ness Fair” today was laid to rest at Falkirk Crematorium.

For all who managed to make it to Falkirk and a lovely service from Celebrant Lindy Irving who read the Eulogy and Tributes from Ray Diggins and Alan Steel.

When he was brought in to the “Gold and Silver Waltz”  was a touch of Bo’ness Fair and keeping them all in step as the main characters entered the Glebe Park and marching in step to the waltz.  The highlight was to write a new tune and he called it, “This Is The Best Day Of The Year”.  I can’t remember the figure that he told me one year and how many Queen’s he had seen crowned.

Since we never got him on the New Year’s Honour list but his family were handed a Diploma sign by the Queen, This being the Bo’ness Fair Queen

Our thoughts are with his family at this sad time.


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