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E – “Eaglesham – Ewen”

Eaglesham Gwen Kinneil Presentee 1979
Eaglesham Kathleen Academy Queen of the Fairies 1964
Eaglesham Lorna Kinneil Lady in Waiting 1985
Eaglesham May Public Flower Girl 1967
Eaglesham Pamela Public Flower Girl 1969
Eaglesham Tom Borrowstoun Presentee 1950
Earle Darcey Grange Fairy 2016
Earle Harrison Deanburn Presentee 2010
Earle Iain Grange Presentee 1986, Presentee 1988
Earley Rhonda St Mary’s Fairy 1978
Easton Alan Public Presentee 1996
Easton Cathie Grange Flower Girl 1928
Easton Cheryl Public Fairy 1996, Chief Lady in Waiting 2002
Easton Courtney St Mary’s Fairy 2013, Flower Girl 2015
Easton Donna Kinneil Flower Girl 1975
Easton Jacqueline Grange Presentee 1970
Easton Karen Kinneil Presentee 1983
Easton Kathleen Public, Grange Presentee 1960, Lady in Waiting 1966
Easton Kay Kinneil Fairy 1981, Lady in Waiting 1985
Easton Pauline Blackness Presentee 1977, Flower Girl 1978, Presentee 1980, Presentee 1981, Presentee 1982, Flower Girl 1983
Easton Winifred Grange Fairy 1968
Eccles Chantelle Deanburn Fairy 2013, Presentee 2015
Eccles Dylan Deanburn Presentee 2008
Eccles Lauren Deanburn Fairy 2005
Edgar Fiona Deanburn Presentee 1984
Edgar Mark Deanburn Queen’s Escort 1984
Edge Lauren Kinneil Presentee 2012, Flower Girl 2014. Maid of Honour 2015
Edmunds Andrew Public Presentee 1996
Edmunds Stephen Public Presentee 1998
Edwards Garry Blackness Presentee 1970, Presentee 1971
Edwards Michelle Grange Flower Girl 1989
Egan Colin Grange Presentee 1971
Eglintine Katja Kinneil Fairy 2015, Flower Girl 2016
Elder Alison Deanburn Presentee 1977
Elder Caroline Public Presentee 1969
Elder Colin St Mary’s Yeoman of the Guard 1973
Elder Lauren Deanburn Fairy 1998
Elder William St Mary’s Presentee 1970
Elliot Carmen Deanburn Fairy 2016
Elliot Ray Public Presentee 1952, Maid of Honour 1957
Ellis Ainslie Kinneil Fairy 1980
Ellis Alison Public Flower Girl 1975
Ellis Billy Public Sword Bearer 1977
Ellis Myra Grange Flower Girl 1924
Ellis Nellie Borrowstoun Flower Girl 1923, Flower Girl 1924
Elwick John Kinneil Presentee 1975
Emmerson Laura Kinneil Presentee 1983
Emmett Genene Deanburn Flower Girl 1986
Emmett Lyndsay Deanburn Fairy 1986
Emms Graeme Public Presentee 1977
Emms Jennifer Public Flower Girl 1978
Emms Nancy Public Flower Girl 1966, Chief Lady in Waiting 1967
Enslow Andrea Deanburn Flower Girl 1978
Enslow Scott Deanburn Presentee 1979
Erskine Agnes Kinneil Flower Girl 1928
Erskine Angela Deanburn Flower Girl 1983
Erskine James Kinneil Yeoman of the Guard 1928
Ester Alan Borrowstoun, Grange Presentee 1954, Presentee 1957
Ester Lisa Deanburn Lady in Waiting 1984
Esther Jane Grange Flower Girl 1971
Euston Eloise Grange, Deanburn Fairy 2002, Presentee 2006
Euston Jordan Deanburn Presentee 2004
Evans Amy Public Flower Girl 2014, Maid of Honour 2017
Evans Anne Public Flower Girl 1965
Evans Caitlin Deanburn Fairy 2009
Evans Mandy Deanburn Flower Girl 1986
Evans Rachel Public Flower Girl 2011, Presentee 2012
Evans Rebekah Deanburn Flower Girl 1993
Ewan Heather Deanburn Maid of Honour 1989
Ewen Corey Deanburn Fairy 2003
Ewen Shelby Deanburn Fairy 2006, Flower Girl 2010

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