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Fair Day Friday 28th (Road Closure’s)

Fair Day

Friday, 28th June 2024

Proposed route – Deanburn Primary School

Bo’ness, Friday 28th June 2024 from 9:30 am to 10:30 am.
Leave school by the main gate, continue along Hazeldean Avenue, Crawfield Road, Provost Road, Linlithgow Road, Braehead,
Enter Glebe Park at the main pathway on Braehead.

Proposed route – Grange Primary School

Bo’ness, Friday 28th June 2024 from 10 am to 10:30 am.
Leave Grange Primary School and turn right onto Grange Loan, Grange Terrace, Braehead into Glebe Park for the crowning ceremony.

Proposed route – Kinneil Primary School

Bo’ness, Friday 28th June 2024 from 10 am to 10:30 am.
Leave Kinneil Primary School and turn right onto Dean Road, turn left at the traffic lights, walk down Linlithgow Road then turn right onto Braehead into Glebe Park for the crowning ceremony.

Proposed route – Bo’ness Public Primary School

Bo’ness, Friday 28th June 2024 from 10 am to 10:30 am.
Leave Bo’ness Public School via the bottom gate onto School Brae, and proceed up the hill to the junction with Braehead. Turn left onto Braehead then sharp right again into Glebe Park.

Proposed route – St Mary’s Primary School

Bo’ness, Friday 28th June 2024 from 10 am to 10:30 am.
Leave St Mary’s Primary School turning left onto Gauze Road, Left to Kinglass Avenue, crossroads to Erngath, left to Braehead into Glebe Park for the crowning ceremony.

Proposed Road closures around Glebe Park.

Road closures around the town from 9am

Linlithgow Road junction with the Dean Road traffic lights north via Linlithgow Road to Church Wynd.
Cadzow Avenue junction with Dean Road to Linlithgow Road Church Wynd
Stewart Avenue junction with Church Wynd. Stewart Avenue to Junction with The Bog.
Braehead to Junction with Earngath Road.
Panbrae Road to Old Kirk
Church Wynd junction with Seaview roundabout.


PARKING is advised via the public car parks in the town centre. No parking will be available around Glebe Park.
DISABLED Access. Disability badge holders will be permitted to the Glebe Park entrance only on Stewart Avenue to drop off no later than 10 am. Then the car must be moved to a suitable parking area preferably in the town centre.


Procession route starting 12 noon. Note roads will be closed between 12 noon and 2pm


All vehicles are asked to be removed from parking on the highlighted roads to allow wide loads and for people to view the Procession.

Only emergency vehicles will be allowed access during these times

Linlithgow Road – Dean Road Traffic Lights north to Seaview via Church Wynd.
Braehead – Church Wynd
Stewart Avenue – Church Wynd
Church Wynd junction with Corbiehall & Union Street.
Seaview Place junction with South Street
North Street – junctions with Hope Street, Market Street, East Pier Street, South Street, Commissioner Street, – Main Street.
Main Street – Junctions with The Bog, A904  Union Street.
Main Street – Links Road junction with Boundary Street & Starks Brae.
Grangepans – junction with Links Place, Park Lane, Cairns Lane, Dower Cresent, Rattray Street, to junction with Cowdenhill Road.
Cowdenhill Road to Philpingstone Road, Doocot Brae to Grange Terrace,
Grange Terrace, Grange Loan, junction with Harbour Road
Harbour Road turning right to Grahamsdyke Road.
Grahamsdyke Road junctions with Harbour Road, Grahamsdyke Loan, Grahamsdyke Terrace, Grahamsdyke Avenue, Craigallan Park Gauze Road – Dean Road.
Dean Road junctions with Kinglass Avenue, Earngath Road, Dugald Stewart Avenue, Cadzow, Marchlands Avenue, Cadzow Cresent, Cadzow Avenue –
Dean Road Traffic lights. END Approx 2pm.
Sorry for any inconvenience and hope you all have a fantastic Fair Day

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2 thoughts on “Fair Day Friday 28th (Road Closure’s)

  1. Hello, I would like to know what route there is to exit the town? Just recently moved here and got stuck in Bo’ness last year due to this fiasco, last year I asked two police officers and even they didn’t know how to leave?? Appalling.
    I am required to leave the town on this day and don’t know what route to take, we stay within Philpingstone road area. Any help would be appreciated as I may have to drive through the parade if there is no exit?

    1. Exit from Philpingstone Road area is easy access to the east Edinburgh etc as the Bo’ness Children’s Fair Festival is held around the centre of the town to Grangepans up Cowdenhill to the Grange School to the top of Harbour Road then west along Grahamsdyke Road to the Douglas Park.
      The Procession starts at 12 noon heading through the town to Grangepans so you would have to be through the town before 11am using the town bypass to avoid the town centre for the road closing or via Grahamsdyke Road or wait until the Procession heads up Cowdenhill where you can view it. The road will be opened up by the police. There will be no other access during the stated time.
      Maybe read the website and the history before calling it a fiasco as “THE BO’NESS CHILDREN’S FAIR FESTIVAL” is regarded as one the largest and spectacular children’s fair festivals in the UK. The town stops on the day of Bo’ness Children’s Fair Festival which many families and builders have been working on decorated homes and vehicles for the procession and the “Viewing of the Arches” the Thursday night known as “The Fair E’en” and you may find a street or road closed if the visiting public and friends of Bo’ness Children’s Fair Festival are large enough to close for a couple of hours from 5pm onwards. Hope you leave before 11am if your heading west or go via Linlithgow should you wish to.

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