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Join Our Lottery

Thank you to all our lottery supporters – were you the lucky winner?

didn’t have a ticket in the draw? Don’t worry you can sign up for next week at
Unsure about how to set it up? We’ve made a step-by-step guidance video which you can watch on our YouTube channel
You can also donate to the Fair if you wish. Maybe you stay away from Bo’ness now and would still like to contribute to the Children’s Fair or missed the door-to-door envelopes. Can’t make the event but would like to contribute a donation which will be thankfully received

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2 thoughts on “Join Our Lottery

  1. I have lived in Bo’ness for almost 40 years but having no family and not going to school here have never had much to do with the Fair, other than through work. I have just read the article in the Bo’ness Journal about the Lotto. What is on the front page is more or less repeated inside but NOWHERE does it tell you how to go about contributing to the Lotto. I never knew there was one to start off with. The article says you would like more contributors but you won’t get any if, as I suspect, a lot of people are in total ignorance like me. I know there is a lottery in Tesco, but I think that is for Bo’ness United. The Journal is useless in giving information about Bo’ness, for instance the almost total lack of coveage of this week’s Silent Film Festival, so you can’t rely on them.

  2. The Fair Committee do promote the lottery via multiple channels, it’s posted weekly via social media, there are posters at many establishments through the town, it’s been showcased at all events hosted by the fair committee. The lottery is online due to the terms of the licence therefore tickets can only be purchased online.

    The link to join is in the above article (not sure about the journal article as I didn’t see it) but you can join at there is a step by step video on how to set it up in the article too.

    But if you do have further questions you can direct them to [email protected] where one of the volunteers will respond

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