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New Fair Chairman

Scott McBride has become the new chairman of Bo’ness Children’s Fair Festival after following as Vice Chairman to retiring Chairman Jim Stewart.  Frank McGarry our Fair Day commentator has become our new Vice Chairman along with his commentator post.
Other notable changes were Gareth Linden coming in as Catering Convener.

Chairman:  Scott McBride
Vice Chairman: Frank McGarry
Secretary: Lynne Meikle
Fund Raising Convener: Julie McAllister
Procession Convener: Tom Burns
Vice Convener: Bert Ostacchini
Glebe Park Convener: Anne Pearson
Vice Convener: Malcolm Miller
Douglas Park Convener:
Vice Convener:
Programme Coordinator: Allison Cross
Catering Convener: Gareth Linden
Catering Convener: Lynda Clyne
Fair Day Coordinator: Garry Chapman
Schools Liaison Officer: Ann Ritchie

Positions that are a main feature to the running of the Fair are, Treasurer, Glebe Park Convener and Vice Convener, Douglas Park Convener and Vice Convener.
Treasurer: roll is keeping accounts of the Fair and making sure all bills are paid on time leading up to a balance sheet which would be helped in the first year by our retiring treasurer, chairman and secretary or any other competent executive member.
Douglas Park Convener: To assist with the executive on the overall layout of the park from staging, van bookings, band bookings as well as any funfair applications that have been applied for. Application forms are available for any bookings as well as licencing permits and this would be explained in full to anyone who finds the interest in keeping our Children’s Day the best in the land. Please can you help do any of these positions or knowing someone who has the Fair at heart to get in touch. These positions are worded in single content but could be worked within a group project subject to the executive committee.

Don’t think you cannot do any of these posts but we always seek for volunteers who can give up a couple of hours on the Fair Day to help out. We have all been in this position at one time and years later we still look forward to working with the community and when you have done it once you will realise this could just be the beginning.

Our email is: [email protected] and any emails to us will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.

Charlie Archibald
Website Administration

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