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O – “O’Brien – Owens”

O’Brien Helen St Mary’s Fairy 1971, Fairy 1973, Flower Girl 1975, Presentee 1976, Maid of Honour 1978
O’Brien Paul St Mary’s Presentee 1972
O’Brien Susan St Mary’s Fairy 1972, Fairy 1974, Presentee 1977
O’Connor Bethany St Mary’s Fairy 2005, Flower Girl 2007, Presentee 2009
O’Connor Catriona St Mary’s Fairy 2002, Flower Girl 2004, Queen of the Fairies 2008
O’Connor Gillian St Mary’s Presentee 1999
O’Connor Robert Grange Presentee 1965
O’Connor Sanchia St Mary’s Flower Girl 2000, Lady in Waiting 2003
O’Connor Tracy Grange Flower Girl 1986
O’Donnell Katie Public Flower Girl 2016
O’Donnell Laura Deanburn Presentee 1994
O’Donnell Maureen Academy Lady in Waiting 1949
O’Donohue Michael St Mary’s Presentee 1995
O’Donohue Paige Kinneil Fairy 2014
O’Donohue Shaun St Mary’s Queen’s Page 1988
O’Donovan Aine St Mary’s Fairy 2012, Flower Girl 2014, Presentee 2016
O’Hara Agnes St Mary’s Flower Girl 1957
O’Hara Alison St Mary’s Flower Girl 1948
O’Hara Elaine Public Flower Girl 1975, Presentee 1976
O’Hara Graeme Deanburn Queen’s Page 1984
O’Neil Agnes St Mary’s Flower Girl 1949
O’Neil Ben Public Presentee 2012
O’Neil Brian Grange Queen’s Champion 1981
O’Neil Bryce Public Presentee 2011
O’Neil Cory Public Queen’s Page 2012, Presentee 2015, Queen’s Herald 2017
O’Neil Derek St Mary’s Presentee 1972, Yeoman of the Guard 1973
O’Neil Fiona Grange Fairy 1995, Queen of the Flower Girls 2001
O’Neil Helen St Mary’s Flower Girl 1957
O’Neil Jill Public Flower Girl 1971
O’Neil Keighan Kinneil Guard of Honour 2015
O’Neil Margaret Grange Fairy 1972
O’Neil Margaret St Mary’s Maid of Honour 1948
O’Neil Margaret Anne Grange Flower Girl 2002
O’Neil Shirley Grange Fairy 1983, Queen of the Flower Girls 1986
O’Neill Alan Public Presentee 1970
O’Neill Catherine St Mary’s Flower Girl 1963
O’Neill Catriona Public Flower Girl 1999
O’Neill Christine Public Maid of Honour 1967
O’Neill Christine St Mary’s Flower Girl 1970
O’Neill Declan Kinneil Presentee 2016
O’Neill Jemima St Mary’s Fairy 1936
O’Neill Jessica Public Flower Girl 2006, Presentee 2008
O’Neill John St Mary’s Presentee 1961
O’Neill Sam Public Presentee 2010
O’Sullivan Betty St Mary’s Flower Girl 1923, Maid of Honour 1924
O’Sullivan Teresa St Mary’s Flower Girl 1928
O’Toole Catherine St Mary’s Flower Girl 1961, Maid of Honour 1963
O’Toole Jane St Mary’s Flower Girl 1962, Lady in Waiting 1963
Ogg Anna Public Fairy 1954
Ogg James Grange Lord in Waiting 1929
Ogg Jamie Deanburn Presentee 2012, Queens Champion 2014
Ogg Janet Public Flower Girl 1947
Ogg Lesley Kinneil Flower Girl 1982
Ogg Margaret Kinneil Fairy 1958
Ogg Marion Academy Flower Girl 1954
Ogilvie Rebecca Public Flower Girl 2006
Ogston Karen Kinneil Fairy 1992, Presentee 1994
Ogston Stuart Kinneil Presentee 1996
Old Catherine Grange Flower Girl 1946
Oldham Ashley Public Fairy 1992, Queen 1997, Ex-Queen 1998
Oldham Margaret Public Flower Girl 1938
Oliver Alyson Kinneil Flower Girl 1993
Oliver Arlene Deanburn Presentee 1976, Presentee 1979
Oliver Carolyn Deanburn Flower Girl 1980
Oliver David Grange Presentee 1984
Fairy 1979, Lady in Waiting 1982
Queen’s Page 2017
Oliver Jade St Mary’s Flower Girl 2003
Oliver Laurie Deanburn Fairy 1981
Oliver Lynn Public Fairy 1975
Oliver Raymond Deanburn Queen’s Escort 1984
Oliver Sandie Public Flower Girl 1981, Lady in Waiting 1982
Oliver Susan Grange Fairy 1986
Oliver Wendy Public Flower Girl 1975
Oluszczak Kacper Grange Presentee 2016
Oluszczak Zofia Grange Presentee 2016
Onori Gianni St Mary’s Presentee 1998, Presentee 2000, Presentee 2001
Onori Guilia St Mary’s Fairy 1990, Flower Girl 1992, Maid of Honour 1993
Orr Alexander St Mary’s Queen’s Herald 1978
Orr Andrew Kinneil Queen’s Herald 1975
Orr Angus Kinneil, St Mary’s Presentee 1971, Presentee 1975
Orr Allan Kinneil Presentee 1965
Orr Barbara Deanburn Maid of Honour 1984
Orr Bassie Grange Maid of Honour 1929
Orr Betty Grange Fairy 1946, Lady in Waiting 1951
Orr Hannah St Mary’s Fairy 2015
Orr Isabella Bo’ness Infant Fairy 1929
Orr Jason Kinneil Lord in Waiting 2005
Orr Kelly Kinneil Fairy 1991
Orr Lindsey Kinneil Flower Girl 1992
Orr Margaret Deanburn Fairy 1973
Orr Minnie Bo’ness Infant Fairy 1923
Osbourne Karen Grange Flower Girl 1978
Osbourne Sandra Grange Lady in Waiting 1976
Osbourne Shannon Deanburn Fairy 2007
Ostacchini Antonio St Mary’s Presentee 1999
Ostacchini Luca St Mary’s Presentee 2011, Presentee 2012
Ostacchini Mary St Mary’s Maid of Honour 1937
Ostacchini Mary St Mary’s Flower Girl 1963
Oswald Eric Blackness Presentee 1953
Oswald Irene Blackness Presentee 1954, Presentee 1957, Presentee1959
Oswald Ruairidh Public Presentee 2013
Owens Jill Public Flower Girl 1993, Presentee 1996
Owens Katie Public Fairy 1987, Presentee 1991

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