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Queen Attends Memorial Service Harcus Strachan VC

Queen Andrea was accompanied by Chairman Scott McBride at the Memorial Service held in Bo’ness Town Hall and then along to a Memorial Stone which has been laid at the Cenotaph. A short service took place and the poppy wreaths laid.  Although a miserable morning, the turnout was fantastic with nearly all organisations in the town being represented.
Officers representatives from the Military also a piper and drummer from the Irish Regiment. As well as family & friends who traveled from Canada 

Memorial 100 years to the day Harcus was awarded his VC
Rank: Lieutenant
Regiment: Fort Garry Horse, Canadian Calvary Brigade

Henry Marcus (known as Harcus) Strachan was born in Borrowstouness, Scotland in 1887, and emigrated to Canada in 1908. In 1915 he joined the Fort Garry Horse, part of the Canadian Cavalry Brigade. He was commissioned the following year.
In May 1917, Strachan was awarded the Military Cross after a raid near St Quentin.
It was on 20 November 1917 for his actions in Masnières, France that he received the Victoria Cross. He was also the brother of our first Queen Grace Strachan

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